HOW Properties is a homegrown, locally-owned and
operated Philadelphia real estate management firm.

We love everything about our unique, diverse city. All the neighborhoods have just as much personality as the people that live in them. Whether you’re looking for dining, drinks, nightlife, music, arts or shopping, Philly has it in spades.

Why Are We In Business?

We purchase and reposition undervalued properties. These properties are developed into residential and mixed-use buildings in burgeoning neighborhoods with a vibrant commercial corridor including retail, restaurants, and nightlife. We work with the surrounding communities to develop properties that will benefit the neighborhoods.

What Do We Do?

All of our projects are managed in-house from beginning to end resulting in consistently successful projects. The same experienced and knowledgeable staff handles design/development, construction, and property management for all of our properties. We currently have over 490 units under management or currently under development throughout the Philadelphia area.

HOW Do We Do It?

We judge our success by the happiness of our employees, tenants, clients, and neighbors. We strive to make the neighborhoods where we develop better places to live by increasing property values and population density.

We give back to these neighborhoods by donating our time and money, creating jobs for local residents, and working with local community groups.