What contactor will be ideal for your new addition? There’s no shortage of options in the greater Philadelphia area and the Main Line, making the decision a potentially difficult one. With so many addition contractors, where do you start?

Perhaps a better question is: what plans and goals do you have for your new addition? People seeking to construct new additions to their homes often have a very specific vision in mind; this is usually the case when your current house is failing to fulfill a specific function or need, or if you want a particular new feature (for example, a pool house).

If your ideas for a new addition are more general (for example, if you simply need more space or are interested in exploring new living or entertaining space possibilities), then determining your plans and goals are of extra importance, as they will help to define what you are looking for in your new addition–and in an addition contractor. Whatever your needs are, Howe Building Services can help to make your plans and dreams a reality.

Picking Your Addition Contractor: 3 Key Factors

As your plans form, what factors should determine who your ideal addition contractor will be? Consider these three factors when making a decision.

  • Addition ContractorBudget
    It is recommended that you estimate your general budget prior to meeting with contractors–this can be a rough figure or a general descriptor such as “budget”, “mid-price”, or “high-end”. This can help you determine which addition contractors are above or below your budget range and will also enable the contractors you contact to give you a clearer idea of what they can offer you.
  • Timeframe
    If you are looking to, say, have that new guest house finished by Thanksgiving, that time constraint is going to affect both the cost of the work and the contractors capable of accomplishing that task without compromising quality.
  • Personal Collaboration
    If you have particular visions in mind of what you want in your addition–or if you want to have ongoing conversation with lots of room for input–then it is critical to hire an addition contractor who will offer personalized service that prioritizes communication, collaboration, and customer service.

If you’re looking for an addition contractor in the Philly area that will work with you closely in terms of these factors and ensure that your addition is constructed to your exact taste and stipulations, then one local contractor stands apart: How Building Services. Their commitment to quality, creativity, and customer service is unmatched. If you are interested in finally making your addition plans into a reality, contact How Building Services today!


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