Run, but don’t fall over these five faux pas!, one of the leading home design websites, has 70 ideas on how to design a custom home gym. Each photo is nicer, more posh, and more luxurious than the last.

Here at HOW Building Services, we appreciate a good design. That being said, we work with your needs in mind. Rather than focusing on what we think you should do, we want to take a look at some guidelines that can help shape how you design a custom home gym, without dictating your tastes, budget, or space restrictions. Continue reading “Design A Custom Home Gym Without Committing These 5 Faux Pas” »

Consider the costs associated with planning for and building your upcoming custom home addition.

HOW the Benefits of Building Will Outweigh Home Addition Costs

If you have been considering building a custom home addition, you have probably also been thinking about the project in terms of home addition costs. The costs may seem daunting at first. You’ve likely thought about not only the financial costs, but also the commitment to investing your time, mental involvement that comes with decision making and emotional attachment to taking on such a large home improvement project while balancing family, work and life, too.

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Don’t start a big project without a specific vision.

What is your dream home? Whatever it is, it is invariably shaped by what kind of person you are. Even your personality can vastly affect the shape your dreams take. If you’re an introvert, your dream home might involve calm cozy spaces overlooking misty, fir-bounded lakes. If you’re an extrovert, your dream home might have tall ceilings and an open living space where plenty of people can gather at once.

Chances are you’re already where you want to be, it’s just that the home you’re in right now doesn’t totally align with your dreams. When thinking about Main Line home remodeling, the first question to ask is: who am I? Introvert or Extrovert? Entertainer or nook reader?

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Live the clean life, even in winter!

It’s winter, and the only thing worse for your floors than a snowy cold winter is a cold rainy winter. Snow and ice melt, leaving nasty puddles that can seriously damage wood floors or carpets. While that can be a potential nightmare, add into the equation mud from the ever-mucky ground, and you’ve got a real hassle. A mud room addition might be sounding like a really good idea right about now. Consider the following scenarios: Continue reading “3 Reasons Not to Delay on A Mud Room Addition” »

Learn about the different types of home additions and why they might be the design solution you are looking for to customize your home instead of moving.

Rather than moving to another home, think outside of the box and create a custom space with home building additions by HOW Building Services! There is a wide range of possibilities for extending your home’s floor plan and square footage with a home renovation project that centers around building additions to your home rather than moving to a new one.

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Create a luxury escape in your backyard with a pool house construction project that will be both beautiful and functional.

Does Jack Frost have you dreaming of a tropical escape? Close your eyes and imagine yourself relaxing by the pool and sipping a refreshing cocktail. This escape you are picturing doesn’t have to be just a figment of your imagination. Your dreams can become a reality with a pool house construction project by HOW Building Services. Continue reading “Winter Is A Great Time To Begin A Pool House Construction Project!” »