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Builders are people too.

Remember when you were little, and your dad seemed like a superhero? You’re not alone. even created a skit called “The 6 Ways You’ll See Your Dad”: superhero, clown, tyrant, suit, bodyguard, and–finally–person. Kids complain about how parents are SO dramatic, or about how they never talk…never realizing that parents are people too. And more often than not, kids are complaining about character traits in their parents, even though they have the same exact ones. At the end of the day, no one is truly a superhero, or a clown, or a tyrant, or a suit, or a bodyguard: we’re all just people, each trying to make it through each day alive. The same humanity that enables us to be so different, unites us through everything. Continue reading “What is the Single, Most Commonly Neglected Issue by Home Builders?” »

all american dream home

Like Gatsby’s, if Gatsby’s were real.

Baseball. Apple pie. People say that something is “as American as” one of those things. HOW Building Services set out to define the all American dream home, because it’s a concept that so many people desire to achieve when building their luxury homes. Unfortunately, the more we looked into it, the more complicated it became to describe.  

Conceptualization is never an easy task, let alone when trying to define a complex, ever-changing idea in a blog of 500 words or less. There are solid historical examples, of course: Monticello, Mount Vernon, the Lyndhurst estate, the Hearst Castle. You could point to one of those and say “There! There’s an all American dream home!” Continue reading “How Do You Define The All American Dream Home?” »


Why you should renovate before you sell and after you buy?

A drive through the estates of Villanova will make any homeowner drool; the stately grounds and beautiful architecture is certainly a sight to behold! And with interest rates slated to rise in the near future, now is the time to buy that Villanova luxury house. But before you can move your family to a new home, you will have to think about what to do with that old one. And yes, that might sound like terrible news to the stay-at-home parents out there who have enough on their plates with kids running around and meals to get on the table! Continue reading “Out With the Old, In With the New! A Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Villanova Real Estate” »

Luxury Dream Homes

How can you design your home to best serve you for a lifetime?

At HOW Building Services, we believe that luxury dream homes aren’t just about achieving a look, but also about the memories they will hold.

Imagine for a moment that your home is a scrapbook: someday, when you are reminiscing over the journey that your life has been, you won’t need to pull out volumes of photos; you will only need to look around at the space that you have created. Continue reading “Luxury Dream Homes: Building a Lifetime of Memories” »

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Why blend in when you can stand out?

With the invention of tract housing (a.k.a., cookie cutter homes) in 1947 in Levittown, NY, housing costs dropped. They dropped to the point where it became almost strange to hire custom home builders in PA and unusual to spend large amounts of money on architecture. Hiring a builder in West Chester became a simple matter of choosing from among several slight variations in layout available in a new development, and then waiting for the house to be built. Continue reading “The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Detached Buildings” »


Check out these helpful tips for choosing a contractor that will be perfect for your upcoming kitchen renovation.

If you are planning an upcoming kitchen renovation, you’re probably thinking something like, “Help! The first thing on my checklist is “choose kitchen remodeling contractor” and I have no idea where to begin!” You are probably still in the initial phases of planning your renovation, your head bursting with a million ideas for turning your kitchen into the space of your dreams, complete with high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, beautiful countertops, amazing lighting, ample seating for everyone to gather, and decor to tie everything all together. Continue reading “Your Guide on HOW to Choose: Kitchen Remodeling Contractor” »