Farmhouse Style Decor

How the unique Pennsylvania farmhouse style can add to the beauty of your home.

Farmhouse Style DecorIf you’re passionate about the look and feel of your home, then you’re always on the lookout for different ways, big or small, to decorate. It’s rewarding to find that unique style or little addition that makes all the difference in the world. One of the best ways to add character to your home is to use farmhouse-style decor. Here are some reasons why you should consider using farmhouse-style decor to contribute to the aesthetics of your home:

4 Reasons to Use Farmhouse-Style Decor

Unique: Farmhouse home decorations are a fun and unique way to liven up your home. They are neither overused nor unusual. The farmhouse design style allows you to draw attention to your purposeful home decor.

Character: Farmhouse-style decor adds a lot of character to your place, providing a rustic feel that is bound to foster a wonderful and inviting ambience. It’s no coincidence that farmhouse style decorations provide your house with a unique sense of character. Farmers have a longstanding tradition of being people of honor and character, working tirelessly to produce crops and live up to the family name. Farmhouse decor is an embodiment of that venerable and inspiring mentality.

True-to-home: The best decorations are those that have a history. Not only do farmhouse-style decorations have a long, reputable history attached to them, but they also testify to your location. Farmers have called Pennsylvania home for centuries. The area has a rich history of farming that you can draw upon as you decorate your home.  You can continue this rich tradition with your own home, acknowledging the wonderful traditions that were established in your area.

Farmhouse style decor is not only beautiful and engaging, but historic. It’s a great tribute to farmers and to the area where so many farmhouse designs originated. Farmhouse style decorations make your home a great place to display your artistic excellence.

One of the best ways to utilize the Pennsylvania farmhouse design to complement your home is to build a custom home addition. How Building Services is a local company which builds beautiful, custom home additions. HBS personalizes all of its designs according to your unique preferences. HBS also  seeks to contribute to the unique architecture that has made Pennsylvania so enchanting. Feel free to contact How Building Services at (484) 483-1690.

smart technologies

The future is NOW.

Remember when it was futuristic to see voice-activated automation, or super luxe that someone could–at the touch of a button–close the shades, dim the lights, and turn on the music? That future is here. It’s bright, and–like today’s smartphones–completely individual and accessible.

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west chester golf house

Whether it’s a patio or a pool house, quality, attractive pool area landscaping can improve property value and add multi-functional space

Summer is coming.

No, this isn’t the beginning of some type of Game Of Thrones spinoff–it’s actually true. As hard as that may be to believe after a long, drawn-out winter, spring cleaning can now gradually give way to summer projects.

And that means you can dust off those pool area landscaping plans you’ve been dreaming up during the winter months. It’s time to make them a reality.


Get Started Early

Once again, summer is drawing near–and having your pool area be occupied by early-stage construction probably isn’t an ideal situation for you. At the same time, you don’t want to have your pool area landscaping become a rush job; you’ll want to take your time to really work out the finer details. For that reason, we recommend beginning the active planning stage as soon as possible.

Consider Your Options

When it comes to poolside landscaping, there’s numerous options to consider. Are you building a new pool? Are you working around a pre-existing pool? Either way, there are numerous project options that you might want to consider for your pool area. Landscaping and hardscaping can dress up the pool area nicely, adding attractive flair and creating a more comfortable atmosphere for poolside relaxation. A patio, similarly, can give the pool area a sharper distinction from the rest of the yard. A detached pool house is yet another popular option, one that can give your pool area flexibility, comfort, and multi-purpose function.

Think Long-Term Value, Think Multi-Functional

One of the great benefits of a detached pool house is that it can supplement your property with not only poolside amenities but multi-functional qualities. A well-constructed pool house adds instant value to your home property and adds numerous functions that you might not immediately think of. These include guest housing, storage space, and entertainment system space, and many more–in addition to the common poolside uses (changing rooms, showers, spa).

Pool area landscaping can transform a drab pool area into an attractive, convenient gathering place for summertime activities, from parties to laid-back relaxation. Contact How Building Services today, and we’ll begin making your wintertime dreams a summertime reality.

Designer Dream Homes

Anyone can achieve the home of their dreams.

Designer Dream HomesMagazines and online media obsess over celebrity homes. These multi-million dollar luxurious mansions, with incredible views and sprawling grounds are beautiful, but seem totally unreachable for regular people. They are the homes of a modern day fairytale, designer dream homes that are reserved for the upper elite.

And at some point everyone imagines what their dream home would look like. As a kid it usually has an enormous pool or a giant game room. When you grow up the dream usually becomes a little more practical, like a house with a spacious kitchen or a luxurious bathroom.

Just because these dream homes seem to be exclusively in the realm of the rich and famous doesn’t mean you have to give up on having your designer dream home. How Building Services can help you combine luxury and practicality so that you can have a designer luxury home, just like the celebrities.

Achieve Your Designer Dream Home with HOW

There are a few staples of designer homes that you can add to your home design to make it the perfect dream home. You want it to be unique, spacious, and relaxing: the perfect place to both entertain guests and refresh after a long day at work. Here are three ways that How Building Services can transform your house into a designer dream home by making it unique, spacious, and relaxing.

Unique. Turn your kitchen into the fabulous gathering place you’ve always dreamed of by adding custom cabinetry, lighting, and countertops, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spacious. Incorporate detached space, these spaces can solve your storage needs as well as offer fun entertainment places.

Relaxing. Design calming bathrooms. Your dream bathroom is a place to rest and rejuvenate, achieve this by adding radiant heating floors, soaking tubs, and rainfall showerheads.

Whatever you imagine your dream home to look like, these three design suggestions will help transform your home into your designer dream home. How Building Services will be with you throughout the process, from design through construction we’re there to guide you so that achieving your dream home is simple and stress free. Learn more about us here or call (484) 483-1690. You don’t need to be super rich and famous in order to have the home of your dreams.


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Decorating Plants

Bring the beauty of your garden into the cool of your home.

Decorating PlantsGardens are beautiful. They provide an opportunity to work with wonderful colors, interesting spaces, and fresh aromas. But the brilliance and beauty of a well-designed garden does not have to stay outside. In fact, you can add volumes to your decor by bringing decorating plants inside your home. Also, you can enjoy the great outdoors, without even walking outside!

Before you bring in some plants, it’s good to step back, and examine and visualize the design of your house and the decor that you enjoy. Take note of the spacing of your furniture, the color of your walls, the design of the rooms and the overall vibe that you want your house to have. In light of these factors, imagine what plants you would like and where you would like them. Ask yourself whether certain plants capture the ambience of your home and if they will complement your color scheme.

Sprucing up your home with decorating plants is addictive, so don’t let your love for green get out of hand! Make sure that you do not use so many plants that you overcrowd your home. Properly situate the decorating plants so that the space feels roomy and comfortable without appearing either barren or cluttered. The art of decorating your home with plants requires a delicate aesthetic touch.

Which Decorating Plants Should I Use?

Now that we’ve discussed the general guidelines for decorating with plants, let’s look at some specifics. A fun, unique way to use decorating plants in your home is to use hanging plants. While hanging plants may not be the best option, since they don’t always compliment a room, you can drape them over a wall to add texture to your surroundings. If hanging plants work well with the style and feel of your home, then they make for some staggeringly elegant decorations.

Palm trees and succulents can be wonderful additions, depending on the time of year. Palm trees are wonderful to have around during the winter, since they release moisture and are able to offset the cold dryness that is so prevalent during winter time. Succulents are nice in the summer since they absorb and retain water and, as a result, don’t contribute to the humidity of summer days.

Sometimes it’s best to go with something that’s understated and simple: vegetables. This one may be a surprise, since vegetables aren’t the first things that come to mind when brainstorming about indoor plants decoration ideas. But vegetables can provide a great color scheme and add a nice, earthy look to the room. And, unlike most decorations, they’re nutritious and tasty, as well.

If you are looking to make your home even more beautiful, then you might want to consider renovating, remodeling, or building additions to your home. If so, contact How Building Services for reliable and personalized services that cater to your needs and preferences at (484) 483-1690.


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Design And Build Process

Discover how implementing the design build process can save you time.

Design And Build ProcessThe design and building process can often seem overwhelming to homeowners who have never gone through the process of new construction before. If you have decided you want to build your custom dream home, but are still in the beginning phases of planning, you may be struggling to identify the best plan of attack. Hiring a solid design and building team will get you started on the path to creating the luxury home you’ve always dreamed about.

Understanding the differences between the traditional building process and the more efficient design build process is essential knowledge to have before hiring a designer, architect and builder to complete your project.

Traditional Building Process

Also referred to in the construction industry as the Design-Bid-Build process, the traditional building process is the one you are probably most familiar with. In this approach, homeowners choose a designer/architect that works with them to plan out the layout of the home and drafts the blueprints for construction of the design based on the homeowner’s preferences and design aesthetic.

The design is then put out for a bid to various construction companies, and the homeowner selects a general contractor to hire to complete the building phase of the project. In this approach, the homeowner can select both a superb designer/architect and a reliable general contractor whose work is highly respected in the industry.

Design Build Process

Construction in the design build process starts when one entity – the design build team – is contracted by the homeowner to complete both the design and construction phases of the custom build project. A more unified and consistent flow of work generally shortens the time of the construction phase of both the design and the building processes due to increased efficiency.

In both approaches, the homeowner has ultimate control of the project. In the design build approach, however, managing communication between the designer and the general contractor is not necessary for the homeowner like it would be in the traditional building process, and this is a plus for many homeowners. This collaborative approach between the homeowner and the design and construction team from the outset of the project results in a more successful and productive project, with a more enjoyable experience for the homeowner.

If the design build process seems like it would be a good fit for you, there are building companies such as How Building Services that value the collaborative approach between the designer/architect and homeowner from the very beginning of the project. The value of this approach should not be underestimated, as you’ll see the same results in effectiveness and productivity, and be living in your dream home before you know it.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today by calling us at 484-483-1690. We look forward to working with you!


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custom bath remodeling

Beauty and functionality seamlessly create the oasis of your dreams.

custom bath remodeling

Remember those commercials for small bath remodels? You’d see a nasty, moldy bathtub or shower being replaced with a large, white unit and ta-da! Just like that, the nasty bathroom was transformed into a beautiful one! Let’s be clear: that’s not what we’re talking about in this blog. In this blog, custom bath remodeling is all about updating with beauty and functionality; it’s about creating the oasis of your dreams.

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Learn about the company that was just voted as the Best Home Builder.

Best Home BuildersIf you’re looking for your home to be rebuilt or remodeled, then you should settle for nothing less than the best. But how can you tell which companies are the best home builders? We have all heard horror stories of shady construction companies or shoddy workmanship. You don’t want to hire a home building company that will cut corners and fall short of your expectations.

One way to find the best home builders is to look at public recognition. Has the company been recognized as a reliable and trustworthy business? Have they received any rewards for their work? Make no mistake: if the business is doing great work, then it will turn heads. The best home builders will receive attention and accolade.

Now, if you are looking for a great restaurant in an area, who do you ask? The locals. The locals know the area and the quality of the businesses that operate within their neighborhood. It’s the same with home builders. If you want to find out if a certain company is the best home builder, then you should ask the people whose homes have been built by this company. Montco Happening is a great resource to learn about the best home builders, since Montco Happening is invested in the Montgomery area and presents awards based on reliable input and valuable insights from local residents of Montgomery County, PA.

So which company has just received the 2016 Best Home Builder” award from Montco Happening? How Building Services! How Building Services has been designated by the locals of Montgomery as the 2016 best home builder. This reward is quite an honor, and speaks highly of the reliability and quality of How Building Services. Let’s look at some of the services that How Building Services offers to see why they have earned such a prestigious award.

How Building Services offers the following services:

  • custom bathroom remodeling
  • detached buildings
  • new construction
  • design/building remodeling
  • custom home additions

HBS performs their projects with the utmost professionalism and works to accomplish them in a way that maximizes the efficiency and beauty of your home. HBS focuses on the personalization of homes, understanding that your home is not a generic building, but the place where you and your family will make some of your most important memories.

If you are looking to build or remodel your home, then you want a company that is trustworthy and effective.The residents of Montgomery have spoken: How Building Services is second to none. If you would like to hear more about the possibility of building your dream home, feel free to contact How Building Services at (484) 483-1690.


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outdoor garden project

The Secret Benefits of Fall Gardening.

Everybody loves spring gardening. The weather is beautiful, spirits are high, and the sun beckons us to enjoy its much-needed rays while we appreciate the colorful scenery of the gardens around us. But the beauty and timeliness of spring gardening can often overshadow the benefits of fall outdoor garden projects. There is much to be gained by planting in the fall. Here are some often overlooked benefits and qualities of fall gardening projects.

Benefits of Fall Outdoor Garden Projects

outdoor garden projectThere are many reasons to begin some fall outdoor garden projects. One of the benefits of fall gardening is that it provides the perfect opportunity to examine and reassess your garden. Many plants and trees start to thin out in the late summer, enabling you to gain an insightful perspective on how the garden can improve: are the trees and plants spaced properly? Should there be more color variation? Do certain plants need to be replaced? These are all important questions that you can ask and answer as you begin fall gardening projects.

When it comes to updating and improving your garden, fall is the best season. Fall outdoor gardening projects provide you with an opportunity to install plants and allow them to settle in and establish a healthy root system to survive winter. Fall gardening is also a relaxing process. Unlike spring and summer gardening, where there is pressure for the garden to be an instant, blooming success, fall outdoor garden projects are more of a low-pressure endeavor which enables you to calmly imagine how you want your garden to look and play around with different possibilities.

Fall gardening projects make for long-lasting, beautiful gardens. While spring garden projects can focus on the appearance of the garden for one specific season, fall outdoor garden projects encourage you to think about the long-term. You can create a beautiful garden for the fall that will remain healthy through spring, summer and winter.

Fall gardening is a great way to grow vegetables. While summer is a great time to grow vegetables, there are innovative ways to plant a long-lasting, productive vegetable garden in the fall. If you follow the correct steps, you can plant a garden which will stay strong through summer. Your fall outdoor gardening not only makes for a beautiful scene, but also provides delicious, fresh produce.

If you would like to learn more about how to do a fall outdoor garden project that compliments your home, please contact How Building Services at (484) 483-1690.


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