organizing your home life

Less mess = less stress!

organizing your home lifeDepending on your generation, you’ve either heard or said something to the effect of, “It looks like Hurricane Katrina came through here!” And if you’ve clicked on this link, chances are you really are curious about organizing your home life…not just the obvious things (dirty dishes, messy living rooms) but also the things that make life unmanageable: unfinished homework, needing to run to the store multiple times a week, that one corner in the garage where the boxes are still unpacked.

The stress can take a toll. Here are some great tips that will help you stay organized from day-to-day, as well as providing long-term solutions to avoid any big problems.

5 Tricks To Make Organizing Your Home Life A Snap

Delegate, delegate, delegate! Make a chore chart with each household member in charge of at least one task. They don’t have to be big tasks, but even small tasks like ‘picking up all the shoes and putting them in the closet’ can make a huge difference when performed daily.

Tackle the Clutter: Instead of constantly fielding questions of ‘whose is that?’ or ‘where does this go?’ all random/unidentifiable objects can go in a to-be-sorted bin. Have everyone pitch in to empty it once a week.

Go green by going digital. Technology makes organizing your home life easier than ever. Try…

  • Apps like Wunderlist and Paprika.
    • Wunderlistⓒ keeps everything from grocery lists to to-do lists synced between household members. Did dad leave for the store, and you forgot to tell him to get milk? No problem, just add it to the list on your phone and he’ll get a notification!
    • Paprikaⓒ is the easiest way to search for and download recipes, plan meals, and keep track of your pantry.
  • Synced Calendars. Both iPhones and Google provide ways to sync certain calendars across devices, showing each person’s events in different colors for readability.
  • Have kids do homework on Googledocs for easy access, even while travelling. It also means no more excuses from computer crashes erasing documents–Googledocs automatically saves any and all new changes.

Write it down. Chore charts and a calendar with everyone’s events (sports, pta meetings, or parties) marked on it are essential to organizing your home life. Place it in a visible location so that everyone can get in the habit of checking it daily.

Remodel your home. Many huge obstacles to organizing home life can be taken care of with a quality remodel.

  • Long lines at the bathroom every morning? Add one on!
  • Dirt, snow and mud getting tracked all through the house, and coats abandoned willy-nilly? A mudroom will take care of that problem.
  • Feeling cramped and lacking storage? Update your floor plan to be more open, and include built-in floor-to-ceiling storage while you’re at it!
  • Hungry family members constantly devouring the contents of the refrigerator when you aren’t looking? A smart refrigerator means you can access a photo of the inside of your refrigerator from the last time it was opened, so you’ll always know if someone drank the last of the orange juice or ate the breakfast sausages you were going to have for brunch in the morning.

If you aren’t sure how to organize your home, or if a remodel is right for you, contact HOW today.

Custom home architects can make or break the vision of your home, so choosing the right one is vital to the project.


Your home is the most important structure in your life. It’s where you go to relax, entertain, eat, rest and recharge. Your home is supposed to be the constant in your life. When you’re caught between work, obligations and enjoying your hobbies, your house is your structural refuge.

The importance of your home may explain why you can feel so much anxiety about its architectural design. You want your house to be perfect: efficient, comforting, inspiring, beautiful. The more important the structure, the higher the stakes are. When it comes to your home, the stakes are as high as ever.

It’s normal to feel anxious about the construction of your home. However, you do not need to fret. Take it one step at a time. A good place to start is by considering who you will hire to build your home. Should you hire a custom home architect? Will an architect be able to understand the unique vision of your home and translate that vision into a comforting and compelling structure? Let’s look at some of the dangers and benefits of hiring a custom home architect.

There are many dangers involved in hiring the wrong custom home architect. Here are some unfortunate consequences that can come out of a bad match.

  • Miscommunication: The wrong architect is prone to miscommunication. They can fail to understand your vision and, as a result, construct a home that is not tailored to your needs and desires.
  • Poor construction: Some custom home architects like to cut corners in order to save money and time. Your house may look great and work properly for a little while, but you can end up paying for it with stress and maintenance in the future.
  • Slow progress: Custom home architecture takes time, and it takes care to execute an excellent architectural plan with precision. However, if you hire the wrong custom home builder, then you may have to wait a long time for nothing more than a sub-par job.

The Benefits of A Reputable Custom Home Architect

After hearing about the follies of poor custom architecture, many are ready to throw in the towel and settle for a generic architectural design. They want to “play it safe.” However, that’s not always the best route to go. You can still play it safe and go with a custom home architect, as long as a reputable and reliable company is involved in the process. Here are some of the benefits…

  • Stunning and unique design: A custom design can be absolutely unique. The right custom home architect will know exactly how to fine tune the structure of your home to your preferences in a way that allows you to see your own personality reflected in the walls around you.
  • Compelling intricacy: A seasoned architect will definitely sweat the small stuff. They will be meticulous and make you aware of particular details that you would not otherwise be aware of. They will keep the big picture in mind, of course, but the big picture is composed of the small things.
  • Transparency: The right architect will be transparent about what they think is best and what they plan to do. They will not misrepresent the reality of any situation, nor will they surprise you with unforeseen problems and costs. Transparency and honesty make the process, and the end result, much less stressful.

If you are interested in working with a reliable construction service that you can trust, then do not hesitate to contact us at How Building Services. The local residents have testified to our reliability and ability to create the best homes. We will deliver. Call us now at (484) 841-8391.

Throw the party of the year this fall!


There’s no question about it: sweater weather means that it’s time for a harvest party! Time to break out the cider (and cider donuts, because hibernation is real). Check out these awesome tips to make simple backyard entertaining perfect for the fall.

Ways to Make Simple Backyard Entertaining Unforgettable

  1. Pumpkins Everywhere. Need a chip bowl? Hollow out a pumpkin and put a simple checked cloth in it! Need a cooler for drinks? Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with ice! Need mood lighting? Hollow out a bunch of pumpkins, cut slits in them, and place strategically. The point is, pumpkins are your friend for any fall party, and can be the answer to pretty much any decorating conundrum.
  1. Dress up your table. Fall is the perfect time of year for table-top decorations. Not only are there fewer insects to plague you, but the decorations won’t wilt by the time the evening is out. Gourds, indian corn, decorative leaves, vines or wreaths, etc: they’re lovely, and durable.
  1. Fire it up. Nothing says fall like a toasty fire on a crisp autumn night. Everyone really does love a fire, so plan to incorporate a firepit for simple backyard entertaining that is also useful. You have a lot of options, as well. Either you can choose to purchase a firepit/fireplace, or you can throw one together yourself. Just make sure that whatever option you choose is safe for the kind of simple backyard entertaining you will be doing.
  1. Light it up. No matter what that looks like for you–whether it be hanging lanterns on a string, votive candles in jelly jars scattered across the tables, or even providing jars and nets for guests to capture fireflies for the evening–the more light the merrier. While a little dark can be mysterious, you also want to make sure that there’s enough lighting well-distributed so that no one area is left completely blind. Guests’ eyes won’t adjust quickly to a sudden lack of light, and that’s when accidents happen. Also, lights are pretty.
  1. Make it cozy. If you want your simple backyard entertainment setup to be simply unforgettable, set out a stack of basic fleece blankets. Keep the fire stoked. Set out a buffet of hot beverages: cider, hot chocolate, coffee, and a tea stand. And above all, have some scarves, ear muffs, mittens, and hoodies readily available for the inevitable guest who forgot that the party was supposed to be outdoors. It’s an easy step to take, but it makes all the difference between miserable guests and happy guests.

What are you waiting for? Hesitating to install a new firepit and you don’t know what to choose? Have plans for your backyard that have never been brought to fruition? Don’t panic. Contact How Building Services for a free consultation. Whatever your dream for backyard entertainment designs, we can bring it to life!

Meditation Space Ideas

Have it your way.

Meditation Space IdeasHere’s a sweeping generality for you: life can be hard, sometimes. We all cope in different ways. Some people do sports to blow off steam; some people use video games to distract themselves; some people would rather drown the difficulty in a nice chilled glass of Chardonnay. Science shows that one of the best ways to navigate the difficulties of life is by taking time to meditate.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have meditation space ideas for how to create one, making it difficult to come by.

That’s we’ve come up with this list of meditation space ideas that will help you clear a space in your home and get on the path to less stress right away.

4 Meditation Space Ideas To Jumpstart The Process

You might not want to make this a monumental project or, ironically enough, add stress to your life with this project, so let’s streamline and simplify the process into 4 basic steps.

  1. Choose an appropriate space. The ideal meditation space is a place that meets as many of the following requirements as possible:
    • Lots of natural light. For most people, busy schedules and long winter nights mean they’re running short on Vitamin D. Meditation is the perfect time to catch up on that light deficit.
    • Fresh air. While a quiet outdoor space is wonderful for meditation, weather and crowded neighborhoods mean that the outdoors is not always the relaxing space we would wish it to be. In that case, good ventilation is an absolute must-have.
    • Quiet. A secluded area of the house is the best place to have your meditation space in. That way, not even summer vacation or visiting relatives can interrupt your time away.
  2. Strip it down. Studies show that clutter causes stress, so the more minimalist your space is, the better to be able to calm your mind in.
  3. Bring the outdoors in. Here at HOW, we’re big on incorporating natural elements in the interior floor plan, since they’re proven to A) improve air quality and B) reduce stress. A water fountain and some plants will ground and identify your space.
  4. Find what feels good. The key to a great meditation space design is not just copying what you see in magazines. If there’s a color that speaks to you, even if it’s not noted for its ‘soothing’ or ‘calming’ properties, choose that color! The same goes for artwork. Don’t choose design elements because you think they would look good in a meditation room, choose design elements because you feel comfortable around them, because they make you feel good.

And if creating a meditation space isn’t your idea of a good time, how about a man cave or in-home fitness center? Whatever you choose, we’re here to help turn your dream into a reality.


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