How Do You Define The All American Dream Home?

By Nick Matteo | February 27, 2016

Like Gatsby’s, if Gatsby’s were real.

Baseball. Apple pie. People say that something is “as American as” one of those things. HOW Building Services set out to define the all American dream home, because it’s a concept that so many people desire to achieve when building their luxury homes. Unfortunately, the more we looked into it, the more complicated it became to describe.  

Conceptualization is never an easy task, let alone when trying to define a complex, ever-changing idea in a blog of 500 words or less. There are solid historical examples, of course: Monticello, Mount Vernon, the Lyndhurst estate, the Hearst Castle. You could point to one of those and say “There! There’s an all American dream home!”

all american dream homeNow say you’re looking to build your own all-American dream home. Once you’ve acknowledged the fact that the American dream is a complex concept, ranging from how we see the American dream in The Great Gatsby  to how we see the American dream today, you’ll have to do some mental legwork to figure out exactly what that looks like for you.

What Is The All-American Dream Home?

Historically, no one has been on the same page when it comes to building a great, American home. For Jefferson, the all American dream home was Roman Neo-classic, uncluttered, with American-made furniture and European touches. It was innovative, daring…and largely built and maintained by slave labor.

For railroad tycoon Jay Gould, the opulence of the Gothic Revival typified the all-American dream home. (In all fairness, it was less of a ‘home’ and more of a castle.)

For John Ringling and William Hearst, nothing was more American than bringing the best of European design and building it on good old American soil in a thriving American economy.

America has moved on from slave labor and tycoons, but it hasn’t abandoned Neo-classic Roman architecture or tiled Turkish baths. Why?

The answer to “What is the all-American dream home?” can be found when we realize that the true spirit of America is the melting pot. No style is off-limits, no culture cannot be assimilated. The American dream is embodied in this: with elbow-grease and perseverance, you can succeed, no matter who you are or where you come from.

As the teenagers say: “you do you.” Which essentially means, if you’re an American, whatever you are dreaming is the American dream. And since whatever home you build is built by you, it is by definition an all-American dream home.

To be continued…