Ring In The BBQ & Pool Season By Maximizing Your Backyard Entertaining Potential

By Nick Matteo | June 25, 2016

This summer, welcome your friends in style.

What does the best of summer mean to you? It could be any (or all!) of the following:

  • Backyard-Entertainment-DesignTaking in the sun in a lounge chair next to a clear blue pool with an iced coffee in hand.
  • Telling ghost stories, accompanied only by the sounds of crickets and the crackle of your fire.
  • Relaxing in quiet, air conditioned bliss, while children scamper gleefully about your backyard, their shouts and laughs muffled pleasantly by well-insulated windows.
  • Laughing with friends, enjoying the delightful sizzle of meat and brats grilling on your barbecue, a chilled craft beer in your hand.

If that sounds about right, then check out our list of ways to spice up your summer and kick up your backyard entertaining potential with these awesome backyard entertainment designs. (And if you’re an introvert, then you can take these backyard design ideas and just use them to make your backyard getaway even better.)

Backyard Entertainment: Designs That Kick It Up A Notch

The Barbecue:

If you’re looking for cool or unique ways to spice up your BBQ game, there is no shortage of options.

  1. The Hipster: Want to go out of the ordinary? How about a grill that looks like a pig? Or a ceramic Kamado grill? Or pretty much any grill/smoker designed by David Klose: baby carriages, airplanes, beer bottles. You name it, Klose made it into a grill.
  2. The Practical: Built-in or fold-up grills might tempt you: both options are great if you love to grill but you don’t love the space grills take up in your backyard entertainment design.
  3. The Deluxe: Do you want more than a barbecue? How about a barbecue/refrigerator/warming drawer/stovetop/storage/cocktail pro all in one? With Talos’ Outdoor Cooking Suite or Lynx professional grills, you’ll get all the luxury you’ve ever dreamed of in the comfort of your backyard.
  4. The Pizzaiolo: If you make it, they will come; nothing draws a crowd like homemade pizza straight out of the pizza oven! Whether wood-fired, gas, or electric, pizza ovens will help you channel your inner pizzaiolo, and make this the most delicious summer yet!

The Pool:

Need more options for pool-side fun, or maybe you’re just sick of pool clutter keeping you down? We’ve got great backyard designs with pool-side fun in mind!

  • Build A House. Most “pool houses” are rarely houses and barely sheds. However, How Building Services specializes in building pool houses that are both functional and beautiful, including custom features such as kitchenettes, changing rooms, covered patios, speaker systems and –most importantly– wifi capabilities!
  • Think outside the (pool) box. If you’re installing a pool for the first time this summer, feel free to try these jaw-dropping backyard design ideas and to get away from the traditional rectangular pool with different pool shapes, lazy rivers, water slides, etc.. Just keep in mind ease of cleaning if you’ll be doing that yourself.

Itching to put some of these ideas into practice? Give How Building Services a call @(484) 483-1690, and get started on implementing your great designs for backyard entertainment.


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