How A Great Backyard Entertainment Design Can Expand Your Social Circle

By Nick Matteo | May 2, 2016


It’s finally spring. The erratic winter is (hopefully) over, the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and you have a major case of cabin fever. Each beautiful day is calling you to go outside and soak up some Vitamin D.

So here’s a question: where do you go? Do you find yourself meeting friends at an outdoor bar, or taking your kids to the park? That might be a sign that your backyard just isn’t up to snuff. Why not utilize your backyard for more than just storing rusty patio furniture? Imagine having a space fit for backyard entertainment. Designs that create a new space are just around the corner!

Backyard Entertainment Designs: Idea Central

backyard entertainment!

Food, Food, Food!

Nothing brings people together like food, so it’s no surprise that this is number one on our list of backyard entertainment design tips. Built-in grills for BBQing, an outdoor fireplace or firepit: any of these options creates the opportunity to bond over eating. Say goodbye to awkward silences with burgers, ribs, and cocktails.


Eating is great. Eating while sitting down? That’s what takes backyard patio ideas from drab to fab. Go elegant with a beautiful table and comfortable chairs, or go informal with benches, couches, and well-placed steps.


A wonderful hardscape–whether it be an enlarged patio, elegant pergola, or romantic arbor–can work wonders.

Go Green

For backyard entertaining, landscape ideas are a must. Trees provide shade and a natural barrier from the elements. Topiary can make for beautiful statement pieces that add elegance or whimsy. And don’t forget gardens! According to, gardens are one of the most popular backyard entertainment design features. Even if you are limited space-wise, container gardens are lovely and provide a nice talking point, not to mention fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables!

Add Some Romance

You always need good lighting: lanterns, outdoor chandeliers, string lights, etc.. But you can go beyond the functional, using lighting to create a romantic or intimate space. Fountains, while less a la mode, are also a great choice for adding romance to what could be an otherwise functional design. Your choice of color for chair cushions, flowers, etc., also plays into the kind of ambiance you want to create.

Splurge a Little

Apart from all these elements that make for great backyard entertainment design, you can also stand out by getting a cabana or a daybed, or by installing a hot tub or outdoor movie theatre. And if you’re thinking of backyard entertainment for kids, be sure to shop around for a great play structure.

The options are endless. If the process of combing through them and coming up with cohesive backyard entertainment designs  gets your idea-train going, contact How Building Services, where you can benefit from a lifetime commitment to making your dreams come true.