How to Get Your Dream Design With A Bathroom Addition Contractor

By Nick Matteo | March 31, 2016

Make your dreams a reality.

In a previous blog, we talked about the American dream home, and what that has looked like over the years. And what it boils down to is that whatever you dream is the American dream. All that’s left to determine is what that dream looks like for you. From practical to pampered, this blog outlines the major steps to a successful bathroom addition.

3 Tips on Great Design From A Bathroom Addition Contractor

Know your goal

bathroom addition contractorOne of the first questions a bathroom addition contractor is going to ask you is about the purpose of this bathroom addition. Is it designed to…

  1. Add value? Since an extra full bath does add 20% value to your home, many homeowners take this option, especially if their home does not necessarily stand out in their neighborhood. Not standing out means having a harder time selling later on.
  2. Simplify life? Bathroom additions are famous for having a 10/10 on the Joy Scale–a measure of customer satisfaction with their remodel/addition. No matter who you are, hiring a bathroom addition contractor will simplify life. However, for some families it’s more than just a bonus, it’s a necessity. Having too few baths and too many people can make every day activities, like getting out the door in the morning, very complicated.
  3. Make a get-away? There’s a reason many people refer to life as a ‘rat race.’ And we’re expected to run it too. At How Building Services, we know the importance of having an oasis of calm in your hectic schedules. What better way to relax than with a new bathroom addition, custom designed to your tastes!

Choose your materials

No matter what the purpose of the bathroom addition, your contractor is going to suggest two kinds of luxurious material: stone tile, or ceramic tile. Just a note of caution: the highly-polished finish looks gorgeous, but it’s a slipping hazard. Using smaller floor tiles or honing the flooring finish will look gorgeous, and keep you in one piece.

Don’t skip the amenities

Better Homes and Gardens suggests that if you want a true retreat, “include features that take it from utilitarian to pampering.” What does pampering mean for you–radiant heating, steam shower, soaking tub, or television? While some local remodeling contractors might be hesitant to undertake such a project, a great bathroom addition contractor is more than willing to customize your bathroom to exactly your specifications.

What is a successful bathroom addition? It’s one that does more than meeting your needs; it exceeds your dreams. Exceeding dreams is the business of How Building Services, the competent, experienced bathroom addition contractor. Contact us today to learn more.