The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Detached Buildings

By Nick Matteo | February 19, 2016

Why blend in when you can stand out?

With the invention of tract housing (a.k.a., cookie cutter homes) in 1947 in Levittown, NY, housing costs dropped. They dropped to the point where it became almost strange to hire custom home builders in PA and unusual to spend large amounts of money on architecture. Hiring a builder in West Chester became a simple matter of choosing from among several slight variations in layout available in a new development, and then waiting for the house to be built.

From a historical view-point, the rise in tract housing is understandable. America, the great melting pot, served its purpose. Individual cultures and tastes were absorbed into the greater collective mindset of the American Dream–complete with white picket fence and two-car garage.

Now, there’s another inevitability. The very purpose of housing standardization has shifted in the public eye, from expressing a desire for unity, to suppressing individual culture. Which leaves many people with this question: how can you express your individuality while choosing new homes in West Chester, PA?

builder in west chesterOne simple way to give more individuality to a standard home is to design interesting, useful detached buildings. Whether it be a garage or a pool house, you don’t have to buy generic, ready-made structures. In fact, a builder in West Chester may present you with good options to ensure that your property is unique and beautiful.

The West Chester Builder’s Guide To Designing Detached Buildings

DO your homework. You can find plenty of outdoor project plans online at sites like that will help narrow down the options.

DO consider the purpose carefully. Are you looking for a guest house, a carriage house, or a pool house? Each structure has different requirements in terms of which material can be used and whether or not it needs insulation. If the building is going to serve two purposes, that should be clearly identified beforehand.

DO be European about it. The Scandinavians often build outdoor structures when the family expands or they have a new project to work on. Luxury home builders are familiar with diverse options that you most definitely won’t find at a home building store. Broadening your horizons is a sure way to get a great result.

DON’T go generic. Hiring an architect ensures a beautiful, custom structure that will meld well with the existing buildings. HOW Building Services works closely with a number of top architects who work side-by-side with the customer to realize your vision.

DON’T limit yourself. Perhaps you’re thinking of adding an in-law suite or a guest house. Perhaps you need a play area for the kids. If you don’t have the time to build an addition or re-organize your life around a remodel, a detached building can serve these purposes in a creative and beautiful way.

If you’re torn between searching for a builder in west chester and searching for new construction homes in West Chester, PA, rest easy: you can have both! Whatever way you choose to express yourself, HOW Building Services is here to deliver the building of your dreams.