Why It Isn’t Too Early To Start Building A Pool House Now

By Nick Matteo | May 2, 2016

What comes to mind when you read about building a pool house? Small, prefabricated pool houses with light gray vinyl siding–just enough to store hoses and towels and vacuums and pool toys, leaving barely enough room on the bare concrete floor to shimmy in and out of a swimsuit? Take that idea, and throw it in the Bad Idea Bin. There’s no use in constructing a detached building that costs money but that you’re barely ever going to use.

Let’s be clear. We’re talking about entirely different kinds of pool house ideas: the kinds of pool houses that become the attraction at a social gathering, an oasis in a busy life.

How To Build A Pool House That Will Add Value To Your Home

True, small pool house designs and prefabricated pool houses won’t break the bank. But they also won’t give you much return on your investment, and they certainly won’t make a big difference on your enjoyment scale either. So what does make a pool house a truly unique, special place? Houzz.com has some tips to offer.

  • Seamless Design

The little gray vinyl prefab shed will stick out like a sore thumb next to your home. Incorporating design elements from your house when building a pool house ensures a good fit.

  • Indoor and outdoor shelter

For when those summer storms spring up, plan to have a lounge area that is open, and one that is protected from the rain.

  • Amenities

A pool house has little purpose apart from storage if you have to go squishing into the house every time you need towels or drinks or a snack. Keep all those things on hand with a mini-fridge, dishware, and some munchables. If you really want to make it worth your while, you can install a bathroom complete with shower. You’ll keep your house dry, and the convenience will be unbeatable.

  • Technology

Wifi, a sound system, and TV: these three things will transform an ordinary pool house into the gathering ground for children and adults of all ages.

  • Storage

To keep everything organized, all it takes is a few well-appointed shelves and storage benches.

  • Space

Now that you have a pool house that everyone is going to want to hang out at, think of adding in some water-resistant couches. Having that extra seating will put everyone at ease, and double as seating for any backyard entertaining you do.

Now you have all the tips to build a pool house that transcends the ordinary and becomes functional, beautiful, and worthwhile…all at the same time. But with all these added elements, you can’t afford to delay planning. Jot down your ideas now! Contact How Building Services now! By this time next year, you could have the pool house of your dreams!