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Ensure a successful design foundation for your project with these tips!

Great design is essential for any successful remodeling or custom build project. A complete and thoughtful design can make all the difference in ensuring you get exactly what you want out of your new space. You might be considering hiring a design build firm for your upcoming project, so you’ll want to gather as much information as possible to be sure you are making the best decision possible, getting you started on the road to an enjoyable experience remodeling your current home or building a custom home. Continue reading “5 Essential Questions For Design Build Firms” »


“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”

Laurel and Hardy. Abbott and Costello. The names go together like peanut butter & jelly; you just can’t unstick them. On their own, they lack the fame and renown that they have collectively. But those partnerships didn’t just ‘happen.’ Both comedic duos were formed almost by accident; burlesque performers coming together and the audience wanting more. Agents and spouses urged on the partnerships, seeing that together they produced something worthwhile and, more importantly, worth money! Continue reading “Homebuilder Nightmares: How an Architect Knows What to Avoid in Choosing Main Line Builders” »

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From foundation frustrations to hidden hazards, a home addition is no picnic!

If you’re looking into home addition builders, you’ve probably already looked at a home addition cost estimator. There’s a familiar progression: the cost seems absurdly high until you look at the break-down and realize that it makes sense, with all the different elements that go into it. That’s just step one, however. Step two is hiring a home addition contractor, and step 3 is realizing the automated budget is not the same as the estimate in front of you. Why not? Because there is almost always an underlying structural issue that needs addressed…issues like the following:

5 Common Obstacles Home Addition Builders Face

  1. Foundation frustrations

home addition buildersIf you want home addition builders to do a bump-out, upper story, or replacement of a garage or porch, you might run into a very specific set of problems. The foundation is all of a sudden taking on a great deal more weight, and that can cause cracking or heaving. Reinforcements are often necessary in these situations.

  1. Upper-level uh-ohs

In the same way that the foundation might be overloaded, just building up is not going to make the problem go away. If you don’t want sagging joists, Better Homes and Gardens suggests sistering joists into the existing system in your home addition floor plans, which will ensure structural soundness.

  1. Circuit Overload

Unless you’ve recently updated your electrical equipment, you’re going to need to do so now. Bringing everything up to code, however, can be more time-consuming and invasive than originally planned for in your home addition cost estimator. If you need to upgrade the lighting and appliances, you could even consider doing that before hiring a home addition builder.

  1. Hidden Hazards

Great home addition builders will be able to tell you that there could be hidden hazards in your home, and will do the legwork necessary to determine whether or not there are such hazards. If your home was built 25 years ago or more, a home addition builder is going to have to be very careful about any demolition, as there is frequently lead paint or asbestos–both of which, if inhaled, can cause permanent brain/lung damage.

  1. Temperamental Temperatures

In a room addition cost calculator, you probably won’t see extra costs for heating and cooling, since your current heating and cooling systems are sufficient for one or two extra rooms. However, any addition larger than that is probably going to mean a total upgrade to your current system, or a new, separate one.

You should be aware that some builders give estimates that exclude the five preceding scenarios. So you might hire them, only to find out later that they are taken aback by these sudden developments: sudden developments that are, in fact, easily predictable.

Yes, a home addition is much more complicated than a ground-up build, which is all the more reason to partner with experienced home addition builders: builders who know the complications and can help you to not be blindsided by them.

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A bad contractor can spell the death of any home addition project.

It’s the Primaries, and some days it seems like the world has gone topsy-turvy. People seem continually surprised by the fact that politicians are still politicians–lying, cheating, changing their opinions to fit what the public wants to hear.

One of the reasons our political system is so disorderly (to put it lightly), is the fact that it’s entirely populated by politicians! The lobbying that goes on–the trips to Hawaii, the free golf get-aways, the absurdly discounted luxury items–it all counts under the header of Goods Given To Willing Receivers In Exchange For A Kindly View on Issue X or Y or Z. Continue reading “3 Worst Character Traits of a Home Addition Contractor” »

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Any good businessman could tell you that a task done inefficiently is a waste of time and resources on both ends of a transaction. In order for clients and home remodel builders to both get what they have earned and deserve, there needs to be honest, open communication. Take this blog, for example; it’s designed to help you establish good lines of communication with your builder, and keep them that way. Continue reading “3 Challenges All Home Remodel Builders Face And What They Mean For You” »

Are you looking to add an addition to your house to finally make your dream home a reality? Then you won’t want just anyone working on your home–you will want to choose an addition contractor Main Line, PA homeowners trust. Finding the right contractor for your project is one of the first steps in making your dream home possible.
Check out the video below to hear why How Building Services is an addition contractor Main Line, PA homeowners can trust. Continue reading “(Video) How to Choose an Addition Contractor Main Line, PA Homeowners Trust” »

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Builders are people too.

Remember when you were little, and your dad seemed like a superhero? You’re not alone. even created a skit called “The 6 Ways You’ll See Your Dad”: superhero, clown, tyrant, suit, bodyguard, and–finally–person. Kids complain about how parents are SO dramatic, or about how they never talk…never realizing that parents are people too. And more often than not, kids are complaining about character traits in their parents, even though they have the same exact ones. At the end of the day, no one is truly a superhero, or a clown, or a tyrant, or a suit, or a bodyguard: we’re all just people, each trying to make it through each day alive. The same humanity that enables us to be so different, unites us through everything. Continue reading “What is the Single, Most Commonly Neglected Issue by Home Builders?” »

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For expertise and efficiency during your next home construction or renovation project, see how the design build approach can streamline the process.

Paying an architect to draw up the plans and then choosing a contractor to build the plans is a fading trend, thanks to the emergence in the industry of new design build firms, which provide you, the client, with a streamlined approach to your project. Continue reading “All About Design Build Firms” »

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Trust your next home renovation or custom home build to the team at HOW Building Services, the Main Line builders who focus on high quality, value, and most importantly, you the client. We give you what you want, when you need it, and HOW you want it. Continue reading “Main Line Builders – What You Want, HOW You Want It” »