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Learn about some of the essentials for a perfect kitchen design.

Whether you are updating your current kitchen or starting from scratch, you probably are paying special attention to your layout and design. These days the kitchen is central to the American home. We ask a lot of our kitchens–we want them to be functional, beautiful, and have a good flow for entertaining. Too much emphasis on any one aspect tends to interfere with the others. Perfect kitchen designs manage to balance all of these factors to create the perfect space for the heart of the home. Here are some tips to obtaining that balance for your dream kitchen design.


5 Tips to Designing the Perfect Kitchen

Designing the kitchen of your dreams isn’t easy. Keep these tips in mind as you plan the perfect kitchen layout design.

  1. Remember the Triangle

    There are three basic essentials of basic kitchen function–the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink. There a number of different kitchen layout styles, but it is essential that the triangle be properly maintained. For the perfect kitchen layout the total distance between all three fixtures should never be less than 10 feet or more than 20 feet. Under 10 and working in the kitchen with other people will feel crowded and overwhelming. Over 20 and it will feel like a hike from one to the other. No matter how tempting it is to break of the triangle for aesthetics or convenience–this is not a mistake you want to make.

  2. Plan for Storage and Counter Space

    It is amazing the amount of stuff we cram in our kitchens. From fresh food to dry goods, from blenders to ice cream makers, those cupboards and counter spaces are critical. If you don’t plan sufficiently for storage and counter space, you are likely to find your cupboards jumbled and and your counters cramped. Take advantage of wasted spaces–for example, over the refrigerator is a perfect place to stow seasonal appliances like that beloved ice cream maker.

  3. Great Lighting

    After you put a lot of time, energy, planning, and resources into designing the perfect kitchen it would be a serious shame for it to have poor or insufficient lighting. You will want good lightening to show off your design efforts as well as to give it a pleasant environment. But most importantly, you will need good lighting to work with. You don’t want to be mincing carrots under a dim light or trying to read a recipe in the shadows. Make sure you have pleasant, adequate lighting–both natural and electric.

  4. The Backsplash

    The backsplash may seem like an aesthetic indulgence–and it does look nice–but it actually is functionally important. A lot of moisture, steam, and and messes happen in a kitchen. All of these have the potential to make a mess of the walls behind the sink and counters. A back splash not only protects the walls for a longer lasting investment, but it also makes everyday cleaning much easier. Wiping splatters off of a material like ceramic is much easier than trying to scrub it off of wallpaper or paint. And a back splash also gives an immediate extra bit of class to a kitchen and offers you a little bit more flexibility in design–colors, materials, patterns, etc.

  5. A Quality Ventilation System

    This is a factor which many people probably don’t give a lot of thought to when deciding on their perfect kitchen layout. Ventilation doesn’t really factor into the aesthetic appearance, or functionality, but it does affect the atmosphere. If you don’t want odors from last night’s meal, or the smoke from that burnt toast lingering in your new kitchen indefinitely, then invest in a good ventilation system. A quality ventilation system will actually remove those bad odors and replace them with fresh air. This way the scent of day old salmon and apple pie aren’t the first thing your guests smell when they step through the door.

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Generally, there are two kinds of people: people who can’t wait for the holidays to get here, and people who mourn the
perfect-kitchen-designs passing summer, looking gloomily at the ever-shortening number of vacation days, and the rapidly-approaching school year.

If you’re in the first group, don’t wait another second! Now is the time to start designing the perfect kitchen for your holiday entertainment season.

If you’re the second kind of person–now is the best time to make your life so much easier with the perfectly-designed kitchen! Why? Because if you get your kitchen designed now, you can get it installed/renovated during the summer. You’ll have the freedom to cook outdoors, and if you plan it during your vacation–you don’t even have to worry about it! Any mess or clean-up will be done when you get back, and you can just be free to enjoy your kitchen, and have one more reason to look forward to the holidays.

But what does the perfect kitchen design look like? Well, each person’s style is different, so we won’t give you a list of perfect kitchen colors, and this isn’t a blog intended for designing small kitchens. Rather, here are some basics that Style At Home recommends implementing to make your kitchen cleaner, more practical, and more beautiful.

7 Items To Include In Your Perfect Kitchen Design

  1. Range Hood — A quality range hood is a must if you entertain, and even for everyday use! Second-rate hoods are noisy and ineffective, so a little investment in a great range hood goes a long way towards having a quiet, smoke-free kitchen.
  2. Functional Islands — provide useful storage space to keep your kitchen uncluttered, extra counter/work space, as well as a gathering and seating area.
  3. A Stand-out backsplash — will be visually unique, and will make cleaning-up a snap!
  4. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards — are an extremely efficient use of valuable kitchen space. They are the perfect way to keep all your supplies neat and on-hand.
  5. Built-in appliances — like wall ovens, are great for hosting because you can have multiple dishes going at the same time. You could also consider a warming tray–another built-in feature that never goes unused.
  6. Pot-filler — enable you to fill pots and spray-clean dishes from different angles with ease.
  7. Marble countertops  instantly class up any kitchen, and also have the advantage of being heat-resistant, eliminating the need to constantly have hot-pads on hand any time you want to remove something from the stove or stove-top.

Now is the time to begin working on the perfect kitchen design. Warmer weather gives you the opportunity to do most of your cooking and entertaining outdoors, so any renovations won’t get in the way.

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You’ve probably heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. In flow the groceries and the hungry mouths and out flows the food and in flows the dirty dishes. There’s traffic and energy and, just like the heart, it can function poorly. It’s a necessary room that has to be a functional space multiple times each day. Designing your dream kitchen starts with selecting a perfect kitchen layout that will function smoothly and beautifully, effortlessly serving its purpose.

Six Ideas For The Perfect Kitchen Layout

Perfect-Kitchen-LayoutEveryone has different ideas about what the perfect kitchen layout is; the layout you ultimately choose will be unique, based on the needs of you and your family and what your idea of a dream kitchen is. The six basic kitchen design layouts are as follows:

  1. One Wall or Pullman Kitchen: Probably the best small kitchen layout, the one-wall kitchen layout is utilized in tight spaces such as studios and lofts. In this design, all cabinets and appliances are built in a single line against one wall.
  2. Galley Kitchen: A galley kitchen layout features cabinetry and appliances lining two walls parallel to each other, and is an ideal layout for kitchens with one cook.
  3. L-Shaped Kitchen: An L-shaped kitchen can bring function to a space where the kitchen is located in an area with a corner, utilizing that space for cabinets, countertops and appliances. The L-shaped layout can also accommodate other functional pieces, such as an island or dining space, thereby bringing a social element into the space.
  4. Horseshoe Kitchen: A horseshoe kitchen layout can be thought of also as a U-shaped kitchen, usually with cabinets and appliances on three walls. This layout can also be configured with an L-shaped kitchen plus an island functioning as the third wall. The horseshoe style kitchen is popular for large spaces to maximize workflow and is the perfect kitchen for a large family or to accommodate multiple cooks.
  5. Island Kitchen: A kitchen layout that includes an island can be combined with any of the above kitchen layouts – one wall, galley (if the walk-through is wide enough), L-shaped, or horseshoe. An island can provide not only additional counter space and working space–even housing appliances or a sink!–but can also incorporate seating.
  6. Peninsula Kitchen: Another way to think of a peninsula kitchen is an island that is attached either to a wall or set of cabinets and countertop. With many of the same functions as an island, peninsula kitchens are a great choice for a kitchen that may not have enough space for an island in the center of the kitchen.

As you consider these sample kitchen layouts, think about which layout you currently have in your home or which layouts you’ve had in previous living spaces. What do you like or dislike about your current design layout? Is there one layout you feel more drawn to over others, and why do you think that’s the case? What are the benefits of the layouts you are considering over others in terms of both everyday family use and also as an entertaining space?

Whatever layout you choose, How Building Services is here to help you experience a hassle-free kitchen renovation through all stages of the process. Our goal is to exceed your expectations from the planning and design phases, through construction, to the end result. We want you to be living in and loving your new high-quality kitchen that adds value to your home.

HOW can make the perfect kitchen layout a reality for you and your family! Contact us today for a free estimate by calling (484) 483-1690. We would love to work with you to design and build the kitchen of your dreams!

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