Your Guide on HOW to Choose: Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

By Nick Matteo | February 9, 2016

Check out these helpful tips for choosing a contractor that will be perfect for your upcoming kitchen renovation.

If you are planning an upcoming kitchen renovation, you’re probably thinking something like, “Help! The first thing on my checklist is “choose kitchen remodeling contractor” and I have no idea where to begin!” You are probably still in the initial phases of planning your renovation, your head bursting with a million ideas for turning your kitchen into the space of your dreams, complete with high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, beautiful countertops, amazing lighting, ample seating for everyone to gather, and decor to tie everything all together.

choose-kitchen-remodeling-contractorChoosing the perfect local kitchen remodeling contractor is an important step in making your dreams become a reality. You may have no idea where to begin searching for a contractor. Or you may be so overwhelmed by all the great recommendations you’ve gotten from neighbors, friends, and the most recent home improvement show you attended that you aren’t sure where to start from the list you have gathered. If either of these scenarios describes you, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a handy checklist to use as you begin or continue your search.

HOW to Choose: Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

  1. Assess how you use your kitchen. This will help you to know what in your current kitchen needs to be changed and what new functional and design features need to be updated or implemented in the layout and design of your new kitchen.
  2. Figure out the goals you have for your kitchen. What do like about the current layout and design of your kitchen? What would your ideal kitchen look like? What are your priorities for your renovation?
  3. Start looking for a contractor. The best way to do this is often to ask for the recommendations of family and friends. Doing your homework in this phase of the project will pay off as the project gets underway.
  4. When you think you’ve found a contractor, do a thorough interview. Ask for references and a list of their subcontractors, and then actually follow up by calling their references. Make sure you ask to see proof of their remodeling contractor license.
  5. You’ll learn a lot about a contractor by visiting not only finished jobs (and jobs completed 1-3 years ago to see how well everything is holding up) but also by visiting jobs that are in progress. If a contractor is hesitant about having you see their finished or in progress work, this should be a major red flag!
  6. A general rule of thumb: the busier the contractor, the better. It means their work and expertise is in high demand in your area. Though you may be very anxious, in the end, it will be worth the wait. And while you wait, you can invest an ample amount of time in the design phase.
  7. Go with your gut instinct. You will know if you meet with a contractor and have a “connection” – the contractor will understand you and the design aesthetic and goals you have for your renovation.

While you digest this “HOW to Choose: Kitchen Remodeling Contractor” checklist, we encourage you to consider how the team at HOW Building Services can work with you to build the fabulous kitchen of your dreams! At HOW, our focus is on you, the client, and the desires you have for your space. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and and to deliver client satisfaction during every phase of the project. At HOW Building Services, we will walk you through every step of the process and be involved and communicative with you so that you will have a final result you absolutely love and will enjoy for years to come!

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