Top 4 Must-Haves For Any Custom Bath Remodel

By Nick Matteo | July 12, 2016

Beauty and functionality seamlessly create the oasis of your dreams.

custom bath remodeling

Remember those commercials for small bath remodels? You’d see a nasty, moldy bathtub or shower being replaced with a large, white unit and ta-da! Just like that, the nasty bathroom was transformed into a beautiful one! Let’s be clear: that’s not what we’re talking about in this blog. In this blog, custom bath remodeling is all about updating with beauty and functionality; it’s about creating the oasis of your dreams.

4 Ways to Make Your Custom Bath Remodel Work For You

  1. Warm up! The worst part of any shower or bath is having to step out into a chilly room. Fortunately, there are several options that don’t necessitate sending your heating bill through the roof every time you want to clean up.
    • Radiant heat is much less expensive than it was when it first became popular ten years ago. Warm toes make for warm bodies.
    • Towel warmers are that little touch of luxury that make a huge difference in the success of your luxury bath remodel.
    • Warming lamps can be put on a timer, so they’re efficient, and they’ll keep you warm for those crucial minutes it takes to dry off and get dressed.
  2. Incorporate smart storage. You can go floor-to-ceiling with tall cabinetry, or you can even install recessed shelving–perfect for keeping all your toiletries in reach without knocking them off with your elbows every time you turn around, or constantly bending over to pick them up and put them down.
  3. Remodel for two. All the world loves a lover. But have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself very annoyed with the person you love the most because there’s just. not. enough. space? If you answered ‘yes!’ then the following ideas are perfect for you.
    • Two sinks with two vanities make life easier for everyone. Also, the symmetry can be a great design point.
    • His and Hers towel racks ensure no more confusion over whose towel is whose.
    • A separate toilet room might seem like an unnecessary, European addition to your custom bath remodel, but most couples find it to be a great addition to their master bath remodel.
  4. Get inspired for your shower/bath area. It’s easy to get caught up in what kind of material you want, and consequently neglect the essentials of style and comfort.
    • Tile doesn’t have to be boring. You can arch it onto the ceiling, use unique patterns in unique colors…the sky’s the limit! DIY Network has some great ideas on how to do this. DIY not your thing? We’ve got you covered.
    • Pick the showerhead(s) or bathtub that you want. Massage jets? Done. Bathtub for two? Done.

Now that you’ve got all these great bath remodel ideas, it’s time to get started on that luxury bath remodel. Who better to call than How Building Services, the bathroom addition contractor you can trust to deliver the product of your dreams!