Should I Hire A Custom Home Architect or Custom Home Builder?

By Nick Matteo | January 23, 2016

The answer is both! With HOW Building Services, you don’t have to choose between the two.

With HOW Building Services, the answer is both. As the builder for your upcoming project, we will work collaboratively with your custom home architect to design and build the home of your dreams!

custom home architectHOW, you might be wondering? Let us explain…

The team at HOW Building Services combines the best of both worlds by working closely with you and a custom home architect to ensure that your project is completed just HOW you envision it. Our expert team will guide you through the process of creating a floorplan and custom design for the home of your dreams with our on-the-job and hands-on experience for making those plans come to life. We combine our expertise with that of a custom home architect, either brought to the table by you our recommended to you by us, to make the process of building your new luxury home enjoyable, hassle free, and even memorable!

What are the advantages of custom home architects and builders working together as a team?

  • Increased efficiency. That’s due to less communication issues between a custom home architect and your builder. Because we will be working together as a team, your project will transition seamlessly from the “design phase” to the “construction phase”. This also enables the budget for the project to be maintained because pricing is more accurate from the start.
  • Cohesiveness from start to finish. You’ll work with experts in both fields who see the big picture. You won’t be left to wonder, “Is this design drawn up by my custom home architect something my general contractor can actually build?” As we get to know you and create the plans for your new home, it is our goal to exceed your expectations for both design and functionality, building you what you have envisioned and dreamed.
  • Less middle management. No more going back and forth between the custom home architect and the general contractor who never speak to each other. It is our promise to contact you right away when an issue arises (because in construction projects, they always do!) and the issue will be easily resolved with less stress for you.

To get started on your upcoming custom home design and build, contact us at HOW Building Services, where we’ll deliver what you want, HOW you want it, when you need it, contact us today at (484) 483-1690. We look forward to building your dream home!