How To Design A Custom Home Kitchen That Mom Will Love

By Nick Matteo | May 20, 2016

Because mothers deserve the best.

With summer comes summer vacation, and visits from the family. While it’s always wonderful to have family over, one of the first problems to crop up is often the problem of ‘too many cooks in the kitchen.’ It’s an arrangement that can add unwanted stress to what would be an otherwise wonderful experience. The fact is, moms want to help!

Custom-Home-KitchensWhen you’re young, it’s easy to take it all for granted. Of course your mother takes care of you! Then it can become annoying or frustrating. But as you age, and you learn what it means to sacrifice your own desires and ambitions for someone else’s benefit, you start to appreciate what your mother did for you. You don’t want there to be tension in the kitchen. Here we have a list of great ways to optimize your kitchen for easy usage by multiple people, as well as making it a welcoming, beautiful space.

Design Custom Home Kitchens Everyone Will Love

Designing a home’s custom kitchen can be overwhelming; there are enough colors and materials to make your head spin. Here are three easy ways to take any home’s personalized kitchen from good to mom-worthy.

Niche Appliances

To add a little luxury to the kitchen, suggests considering unique, useful custom kitchen appliances. Steam ovens make for moist, tender meat without the need to add fats, butters, and sauces. A warming drawer makes entertaining a snap–no more having to worry about getting everything cooked at just the right moment, especially since there’s always that one family member or friend who’s always late. You can save space with induction cooktops, which are also safer for families with children.

Make The Most of the Space

If your custom-made kitchen is not quite large enough to house extra appliances or hold many cabinets, splurge on a marble backsplash or luxury vinyl tile (it looks like stone, but it’s not cold like stone).

Go handsfree

I’ve always said that women should have evolved more hands than men, and this is never more true than in the kitchen. Fortunately, we now have technology–hands-free kitchen faucets, sensor soap pumps, sensor-triggered trash cans, and robot vacuums–all of which turn a kitchen into a much cleaner, easier-to-navigate space.

There’s no need for tension in a kitchen that is at once beautiful, spacious, and easy-to-use. For more detailed information on designing and constructing custom home kitchens that will make Mom say ‘Wow!’, contact How Building Services @ (484) 483-1690 today!


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