Go Green: Escape Winter Blues With These Easy Tips For Decorating With Plants

By Nick Matteo | September 12, 2016

Winter is coming; fight back with some green!

decorating plantsFall is one of the most beautiful times of year: the leaves change color, and the weather cools. With the relief from the summer heat comes a new appreciation of the crisp autumn smells and the coziness to be found inside, around a warm fire or a well-laden table. It’s a pleasant time, but it’s not here to stay.

November will bring rain to strip the trees, and wind to numb our noses. It’s a pretty bleak outlook, but there are ways to keep the green inside! You probably already know that we’re big on going green and living sustainably, but it’s not just about having a small carbon footprint or being able to feel responsible: going green is also about the pleasure that we get from nature. RealSimple Magazine has some wonderful suggestions on how to display decorating plants. Let’s adventure into the beautiful world of interior decorating plants.

5 Practical Ways to Naturally Incorporate Nature By Decorating with Plants

  • Orchids in the Bathroom.
    Phalaenopsis Orchids love humidity and light, so a sunny bathroom is the perfect place for this queen of the plant world. They require minimal upkeep, and come in a wide variety of stunning colors to complement any color scheme.
  • Succulent Still Lifes.
    Still life. Vignette. Call it what you will. Succulents, or any other small cacti, are nearly indestructible (which is good for people like me, who find it nearly impossible to keep green plants alive). A group of succulents arranged on a shelf, table, or windowsill are whimsical and bring a touch of green without being ostentatious or necessitating extensive care. Besides, they’re pretty cute.
  • Topiary Walls
    Need a natural divider? Or did you recently go to Versailles, get inspired by the royal gardens, and now feel frustrated that you have neither the money nor the space to build entire mazes of box hedges and gazebos?Topiary is still an option! Muehlenbeckia are small, lollipop-shaped topiary that you can easily line up in a row to make a natural divider or serve as a classy centerpiece. It’s interior design with plants! Ivy or myrtle also work, but Muehlenbeckia have the advantage of being very low maintenance and not requiring direct sunlight (perfect for the winter months).
  • Need a Lamp? Put a Fern There!
    I once noticed that my mother had a small round table set in front of a windowsill, with two chairs on either side of it, and a lamp on top. But the lamp didn’t turn on! Only later did I find out that the lamp was merely decorative, and that–as there were no plugs in the vicinity–it was destined to stay that way.If you ever get that feeling like you need some kind of focal piece, whether it be on a card table, night-stand, or buffet, why not go with a fern? Ferns are lovely, low-maintenance decorating plants, and can be either stately or fantastic.
  • Trees on wheels
    Ficus trees get a bad rap as far as decorating plants go, so let’s call them by their other name: fig tree. A fig tree makes a lovely addition, fills up corners, and does an admirable job of refreshing the air in a given room (if it’s alive, and not fake). Problem: they can be inconveniently heavy. Solution? Put it on wheels! Not only does it elevate the fig tree, but by splurging on a lovely pot, you end up with a beautiful, practical take on an old classic.

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