Bringing the Outside In – Using Decorating Plants In Your Home

By Nick Matteo | July 17, 2016

Bring the beauty of your garden into the cool of your home.

Decorating PlantsGardens are beautiful. They provide an opportunity to work with wonderful colors, interesting spaces, and fresh aromas. But the brilliance and beauty of a well-designed garden does not have to stay outside. In fact, you can add volumes to your decor by bringing decorating plants inside your home. Also, you can enjoy the great outdoors, without even walking outside!

Before you bring in some plants, it’s good to step back, and examine and visualize the design of your house and the decor that you enjoy. Take note of the spacing of your furniture, the color of your walls, the design of the rooms and the overall vibe that you want your house to have. In light of these factors, imagine what plants you would like and where you would like them. Ask yourself whether certain plants capture the ambience of your home and if they will complement your color scheme.

Sprucing up your home with decorating plants is addictive, so don’t let your love for green get out of hand! Make sure that you do not use so many plants that you overcrowd your home. Properly situate the decorating plants so that the space feels roomy and comfortable without appearing either barren or cluttered. The art of decorating your home with plants requires a delicate aesthetic touch.

Which Decorating Plants Should I Use?

Now that we’ve discussed the general guidelines for decorating with plants, let’s look at some specifics. A fun, unique way to use decorating plants in your home is to use hanging plants. While hanging plants may not be the best option, since they don’t always compliment a room, you can drape them over a wall to add texture to your surroundings. If hanging plants work well with the style and feel of your home, then they make for some staggeringly elegant decorations.

Palm trees and succulents can be wonderful additions, depending on the time of year. Palm trees are wonderful to have around during the winter, since they release moisture and are able to offset the cold dryness that is so prevalent during winter time. Succulents are nice in the summer since they absorb and retain water and, as a result, don’t contribute to the humidity of summer days.

Sometimes it’s best to go with something that’s understated and simple: vegetables. This one may be a surprise, since vegetables aren’t the first things that come to mind when brainstorming about indoor plants decoration ideas. But vegetables can provide a great color scheme and add a nice, earthy look to the room. And, unlike most decorations, they’re nutritious and tasty, as well.

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