Design A Custom Home Gym Without Committing These 5 Faux Pas

By Nick Matteo | January 16, 2016

Run, but don’t fall over these five faux pas!, one of the leading home design websites, has 70 ideas on how to design a custom home gym. Each photo is nicer, more posh, and more luxurious than the last.

Here at HOW Building Services, we appreciate a good design. That being said, we work with your needs in mind. Rather than focusing on what we think you should do, we want to take a look at some guidelines that can help shape how you design a custom home gym, without dictating your tastes, budget, or space restrictions.

This list of what not to do can be applied to many home projects but are particularly useful when exploring home gym design ideas.

Design A Custom Home Gym, But Don’t Be Caught By These Faux Pas!

design a custom home gymDon’t Get Steamrolled. Before you even begin to design a custom home gym, you should look into the basics of home gym decor, home gym flooring, and other related ideas. Don’t be bullied around by someone else’s vision of what your home gym should look like. Decorating ideas for a home gym can be found in scores on the internet. Before you meet with an architect/designer, you can do enough research to at least have a good idea of what looks you like and what you don’t like. Which brings us to number two.

Avoid Bad Lighting. You don’t want to spend your valuable alone-time in some unpleasant, fluorescent-lit hole in the ground. As important as exercise is Vitamin D, and if you have the opportunity to design a custom home gym that gives you access to both in full measure, seize it! Avoid small rooms with little-to-no windows. And even if you have no choice, you should take the time to look into natural lighting. Sun-lamps are often advertised for the bedroom, but they can do miracles for your workout as well, especially in the winter when it’s more difficult to exercise while the sun is up. Look for ones that fit your design taste and look timeless.

Focus on Airflow. Lighting and decoration aside, it’s important not to forget the purpose of a home gym. You want a space in which you can breathe easy, and maximize on your workouts. If there are no accessible windows, consider a fresh air return system. It’s a great way to avoid odors and other problems caused by a lack of proper air circulation. Again, the focus is on creating the space that you dream of, while avoiding mistakes that make spending time in that space less desirable.

Don’t Get Cramped. Even if there is only a small space to work with, look for ways to economize on that space. A designer can help you choose what is essential and what is not. If you can, use mirrors. Mirrors and light combine to make an atmosphere where achievement is limitless, and effort is enjoyable.

Don’t De-Prioritize The Decor. Once you’ve got decorating ideas for a home gym, don’t give up on them. It might be tempting to leave the deco by the wayside because of budget, time, or space factors. However, you should make it a number-1 priority. When you look at home gym pictures, you can’t help but notice how much nicer the ambiance is than some generic chain gym. Design it to fit your style. It’s important to feel relaxed and at home in your space.

Don’t Forget Your Purpose. Wanting to design a custom home gym is great. While there are multiple elements to consider in the execution of your home gym design ideas, you shouldn’t lose sight of the end goal. What is the principle purpose of your home gym? Is it an area to destress, to achieve goals, to bring friends? All of your decisions should be made with this final and most important element in mind.

You deserve the home gym of your dreams. HOW Building Services is here to make those dreams come true.

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