All About Design Build Firms

By Nick Matteo | December 26, 2015

For expertise and efficiency during your next home construction or renovation project, see how the design build approach can streamline the process.

Paying an architect to draw up the plans and then choosing a contractor to build the plans is a fading trend, thanks to the emergence in the industry of new design build firms, which provide you, the client, with a streamlined approach to your project.

design build firmsWhat is a design build firm?

A design build firm is a “one stop shop” so to speak for home construction or renovation projects where the design and building phase is overseen by one company instead of different architects, contractors and construction companies. The goal of the design build approach is to make the building or renovation process easy, efficient, and enjoyable for you, the client. At HOW Building Services, we see and implement the advantages of the design build approach into our process for completing your project.

What are some advantages of using design build firms?

  • Increased efficiency. Due to less communication issues due to the project being managed by one person, your project can transition seamlessly from the “design phase” to the “construction phase”. One entity being in control of the entire project also maintains continuity for the pricing of the project.
  • Experts in both fields who see the big picture. You won’t be left to wonder, “Is this design something my builder can actually build?” because we will get to know you and create a custom home or renovated space that exceeds your expectations for both design and functionality. We will be on the same page with you from start the beginning of the project to achieve the vision and dreams you have for how you want your final, finished space to turn out.
  • Ease of communication. Through using the design build approach at HOW Building Services, there is no more going back and forth between an architect and a general contractor. When an issue arises (because in construction projects, they always do!) you will be contacted by your project manager and the issue will be easily resolved with less hassle and stress for you.
  • Professional designers and builders who can lead you through the process. Trust in knowing a designer and builder can walk you through all of the steps of your project, from the planning stages to the end result helps reduce your stress and worry level and enjoy everything involved in creating the space of your dreams.

At HOW, We Use The Design Build Approach to increase our clients’ satisfaction with the process of completing their custom home build or renovation project. Our project managers will coordinate meetings with you and an architect – either one you bring to the table or one we have worked with and can recommend with full confidence. This collaborative approach will ensure that your new space is just HOW you want it!

To get started on your upcoming project and see how the design build approach at HOW Building Services works to give you what you want, HOW you want it, when you need it, contact us today at (484) 483-1690. We look forward to creating a space you will love!

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