Designer Dream Homes Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous

By Nick Matteo | July 19, 2016

Anyone can achieve the home of their dreams.

Designer Dream HomesMagazines and online media obsess over celebrity homes. These multi-million dollar luxurious mansions, with incredible views and sprawling grounds are beautiful, but seem totally unreachable for regular people. They are the homes of a modern day fairytale, designer dream homes that are reserved for the upper elite.

And at some point everyone imagines what their dream home would look like. As a kid it usually has an enormous pool or a giant game room. When you grow up the dream usually becomes a little more practical, like a house with a spacious kitchen or a luxurious bathroom.

Just because these dream homes seem to be exclusively in the realm of the rich and famous doesn’t mean you have to give up on having your designer dream home. How Building Services can help you combine luxury and practicality so that you can have a designer luxury home, just like the celebrities.

Achieve Your Designer Dream Home with HOW

There are a few staples of designer homes that you can add to your home design to make it the perfect dream home. You want it to be unique, spacious, and relaxing: the perfect place to both entertain guests and refresh after a long day at work. Here are three ways that How Building Services can transform your house into a designer dream home by making it unique, spacious, and relaxing.

Unique. Turn your kitchen into the fabulous gathering place you’ve always dreamed of by adding custom cabinetry, lighting, and countertops, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spacious. Incorporate detached space, these spaces can solve your storage needs as well as offer fun entertainment places.

Relaxing. Design calming bathrooms. Your dream bathroom is a place to rest and rejuvenate, achieve this by adding radiant heating floors, soaking tubs, and rainfall showerheads.

Whatever you imagine your dream home to look like, these three design suggestions will help transform your home into your designer dream home. How Building Services will be with you throughout the process, from design through construction we’re there to guide you so that achieving your dream home is simple and stress free. Learn more about us here or call (484) 483-1690. You don’t need to be super rich and famous in order to have the home of your dreams.


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