7 Tips on Achieving Flawless Dream Home Floor Plans

By Nick Matteo | March 29, 2016

Are you living the dream?

Tall non-fat soy milk caramel salted mocha macchiato. Order up for someone who made the mistake of pointing out that their name was Stephen with a “ph” and received their drink with “Phteven” scrawled across the cup. Jokes aside, some people make it seem so easy to decide. However, lots of us walk into a warm, hipster-filled coffee shop and our brains short out immediately. I once even made the mistake of ordering an Americano, because it sounded like a patriotic sort of thing to drink! Tip: it’s an espresso with hot water added. Nothing patriotic about it.

Dream-Home-Floor-PlansThe point is, decisions can be hard to make, even for small things like what kind of dressing you want with your salad. And, unlike dressings or sauces, some decisions cannot be easily modified. Some decisions stick with you for life.

When it comes to designing and modifying your dream home floor plans, you should put some considerable thought into it. You can’t take it back to the barista and get a new one. A poorly-placed half-step doesn’t just go away. A bedroom window facing the back of a Walmart can’t just be bricked over. If you agree, but you don’t know where to start, these 7 tips can help.

7 Things to Consider About Dream Home Floor Plans

  1. What about your stuff? When designing your dream home floor plans, you should also be sure to take into account furnishings you are planning on bringing with you. Is there a baby grand piano? Measure it, and make sure you have somewhere to put it that also accommodates the square footage of all of your other furniture. Be thorough! Take measurements of all your furniture. You can even create small cardboard rectangles to scale that you can physically place on the floor plan.
  2. What kind of windows? Light is incredible in any space. However, linked with the idea in the last point is this one: if you put a giant floor-to-ceiling window in your library, make sure you have enough wall space on the other three walls to accommodate all of your shelving. This applies to all rooms.
  3. How many people? Don’t just take into account you and your immediate family. Think of holidays, gatherings, etc.. If you entertain a lot and for large groups, you’re going to want an open floor plan that allows for communication and flow around a kitchen/dining room/living room space. Another example is kids: a media center that only seats 7 might not be ideal if they frequently have large groups of friends over.
  4. What about little people? Balconies. Staircases without railings. Kitchens that are too open and accessible. These are a few of the things that are beautiful but can spell disaster for a family with small children. It’s easy to fall for that gorgeous balcony with the wrought-iron hand-rail, but it’s also easy to fall off it.
  5. North? West? No, that’s not a reference to Kimye’s child; it’s a reminder to think about exactly where your dream home floor plan will be. What direction will it be facing? And where in your dream home floor plan is the main living space or master bedroom located? Does that mean your windows will be facing a busy road, or your neighbor’s windows? Nobody wants to live in a fish-bowl, but that happens all too often because of a lack of foresight in the design phase.
  6. Share the burden! Even if you follow of all this advice, chances are you’ll overlook something. Look over your dream home floor plan with a significant other, roommate, or friend. A fresh eye can help identify problems that can only be seen by someone close to your situation.
  7. Open up! Your architect wants to make your dreams a reality, as does your builder. For that to happen, a certain level of communication needs to take place–a back and forth between customer, builder, architect, and designer. Since only one of those four people knows what fits your desires and needs, you have to invest yourself in the process and open up. The finished product will be as much the gem you’ve dreamed of as the effort you’ve expended to polish it.

Above all, don’t panic. Your architect understands all these issues, and will do their level best to help you navigate them.

In the meantime, contact HOW Building Services with any other questions you need answering. HOW works closely with the architects who are the best at making your dreams a reality.

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