Showcase Your Family Room Photos With A One-of-a-Kind Gallery Wall!

By Nick Matteo | September 18, 2016

Don’t let the dust gather on your precious memories: give them the visibility they deserve!

Family Room PhotosBetween school photos, sports team photos, and that obligatory family photo that Nana insists everyone take on Thanksgiving (you know, the one where everyone has the same glazed-over, stuffed-to-the-gills, I-never-want-to-see-a-turkey-again look), it’s hard to pick which photos to display and which photos to tuck into a shoebox and pray they never see the light of day again.

And then there’s the other problem with family room photos: the ones we think are adorable and proudly display to all our children’s cool college friends (look! It’s Jessica with braces and acne!) don’t always get as good of a reception as we might wish. Either they’re ignored, or they gather dust, or the frames start to take over every available flat surface.

Why not try something different? Give your family room photos the place of honor they deserve while maintaining design coherence with a gallery wall. You’ve probably seen them–beautiful, eclectic groupings of framed photos and prints. No two are the same, but therein lies the difficulty.

Let’s narrow down your options by discussing a few guiding principles to keep in mind while turning your old family room photos into an excellent family room photo gallery wall (Lauren Conrad goes more indepth with these concepts; you can visit her site for step-by-step instructions).

Questions To Ask Before Putting Together Your Family Room Photos

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical?

When you start putting together your gallery wall, you can do it one of two ways. Start with your largest piece, and then you can either 1) center it, and build out, or 2) put it slightly off-center. The first option is good for those who prefer symmetry or if you have a statement piece that clearly takes the cake. The second option is good for a more spread out, eclectic look, and makes it easier to balance frames of different shapes and sizes.

Fan or Frames?

You’ll want one unifying aspect to tie your gallery wall together. You can choose frames of similar styles and/or colors; or you can find a tie-in color; or, if you’re not opting to focus on family photos, you can choose a certain artist or art movement to tie your gallery together.

Permanent vs. Changeable

While the concept of a gallery wall might feel semi-permanent (unless you feel like knocking new holes in your wall every few months), there are several ways you can keep the gallery without committing. [Warning: this is more for those of you who rearrange your furniture on a seasonal basis–those with an inherent bent to continually design, create, and innovate.] You can use shelves, picture rails, or a corner nook to accomplish the same effect as a gallery wall, while leaving yourself the freedom to rearrange at will, rotate new and old pieces, or even change with the seasons or your moods.

Now that you’ve got the information you need to start your own gallery wall, what are you waiting for?! For more creative tips or information on creating the home of your dreams, visit our blog!


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