5 Reasons to Be Picky When Choosing Home Addition Builders

By Nick Matteo | March 31, 2016

From foundation frustrations to hidden hazards, a home addition is no picnic!

If you’re looking into home addition builders, you’ve probably already looked at a home addition cost estimator. There’s a familiar progression: the cost seems absurdly high until you look at the break-down and realize that it makes sense, with all the different elements that go into it. That’s just step one, however. Step two is hiring a home addition contractor, and step 3 is realizing the automated budget is not the same as the estimate in front of you. Why not? Because there is almost always an underlying structural issue that needs addressed…issues like the following:

5 Common Obstacles Home Addition Builders Face

  1. Foundation frustrations

home addition buildersIf you want home addition builders to do a bump-out, upper story, or replacement of a garage or porch, you might run into a very specific set of problems. The foundation is all of a sudden taking on a great deal more weight, and that can cause cracking or heaving. Reinforcements are often necessary in these situations.

  1. Upper-level uh-ohs

In the same way that the foundation might be overloaded, just building up is not going to make the problem go away. If you don’t want sagging joists, Better Homes and Gardens suggests sistering joists into the existing system in your home addition floor plans, which will ensure structural soundness.

  1. Circuit Overload

Unless you’ve recently updated your electrical equipment, you’re going to need to do so now. Bringing everything up to code, however, can be more time-consuming and invasive than originally planned for in your home addition cost estimator. If you need to upgrade the lighting and appliances, you could even consider doing that before hiring a home addition builder.

  1. Hidden Hazards

Great home addition builders will be able to tell you that there could be hidden hazards in your home, and will do the legwork necessary to determine whether or not there are such hazards. If your home was built 25 years ago or more, a home addition builder is going to have to be very careful about any demolition, as there is frequently lead paint or asbestos–both of which, if inhaled, can cause permanent brain/lung damage.

  1. Temperamental Temperatures

In a room addition cost calculator, you probably won’t see extra costs for heating and cooling, since your current heating and cooling systems are sufficient for one or two extra rooms. However, any addition larger than that is probably going to mean a total upgrade to your current system, or a new, separate one.

You should be aware that some builders give estimates that exclude the five preceding scenarios. So you might hire them, only to find out later that they are taken aback by these sudden developments: sudden developments that are, in fact, easily predictable.

Yes, a home addition is much more complicated than a ground-up build, which is all the more reason to partner with experienced home addition builders: builders who know the complications and can help you to not be blindsided by them.