3 Worst Character Traits of a Home Addition Contractor

By Nick Matteo | March 11, 2016

A bad contractor can spell the death of any home addition project.

It’s the Primaries, and some days it seems like the world has gone topsy-turvy. People seem continually surprised by the fact that politicians are still politicians–lying, cheating, changing their opinions to fit what the public wants to hear.

One of the reasons our political system is so disorderly (to put it lightly), is the fact that it’s entirely populated by politicians! The lobbying that goes on–the trips to Hawaii, the free golf get-aways, the absurdly discounted luxury items–it all counts under the header of Goods Given To Willing Receivers In Exchange For A Kindly View on Issue X or Y or Z.

home addition contractorThis isn’t necessarily a critique of our political system, so much as it is an observation on the time-honored principle: “have money, will cheat.” Money corrupts, and many a home addition contractor is a luxury home builder who discovered one day that there’s a better margin of profit to be had when corners are cut. There’s a lot of dough hidden in those corners, in large part because they’re so crucial to the project!

US News says that “the hardest part of any home renovation project isn’t the work itself, it’s finding a competent and reliable contractor to do the job.” So if money corrupts and you’re looking to spend a good chunk of it on home addition plans, how can you be sure that you’ll find a home addition contractor who won’t screw you over?

3 Warning Signs That A Home Addition Contractor Can’t Be Trusted

  1. Dishonest communication

It might seem like a little problem at first. Your home addition contractor said he would meet at such-and-such a time and bring along information X, Y and Z. So he was a little off. What’s the big deal? Busy people have busy lives! That’s a fact, but when you’re searching “home addition contractors near me” into Google, keep in mind that a large part of a home addition contractor’s job is to be punctual and prepared. If a builder claims to have over 20 years of experience, but can’t give you straight-forward answers regarding timelines and other practical matters, it’s not adding up. On the other hand, honest communication is the cornerstone to a successful home addition project.

  1. Lack of Integrity

Now integrity is similar to, but not the same as honesty. Integrity is the ability of someone/something to stand up to the winds of change/time. It’s the lone politician who has never accepted a bribe perk offered by a lobbyist. It’s the home addition contractor who delivers on his promises, come rain or shine. We’ve all heard the horror stories of contractors who, when it got tough, gave up halfway through a job and disappeared into the night, blueprints in hand. That’s not what you want. You know that things can get complicated very quickly in almost any line of work, and you want a builder who doesn’t dissolve into tears, but resolves problems.

  1. No Evidence of Things Hoped For

Humans love to put their faith in things. If not, Hollywood would be nearly bankrupt, or worse–making even more space/alien/superhero movies than they do now! However, in real life, we look for the Evidence of Things Hoped For–which is a fancy phrase that just means you can have faith when the results are already visible. Are you hoping for a gorgeous, practical home addition? What better faith to go on when hiring a home addition contractor than actually seeing his work?! If there’s no evidence, don’t act on faith.

Here at HOW Building Services, we don’t go in much for politicians. Our values don’t exactly line up with theirs. They spend their time debating the size of their opponent’s hands. We spend our time building timeless designs with quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Don’t take our word on it! We have had over 20 years of experience to prove it.

Don’t be deceived by a second-rate home addition contractor; HOW Building Services believes that you deserve the home addition of your dreams.