Home Addition Benefits vs. Home Addition Costs

By Nick Matteo | January 15, 2016

Consider the costs associated with planning for and building your upcoming custom home addition.

HOW the Benefits of Building Will Outweigh Home Addition Costs

If you have been considering building a custom home addition, you have probably also been thinking about the project in terms of home addition costs. The costs may seem daunting at first. You’ve likely thought about not only the financial costs, but also the commitment to investing your time, mental involvement that comes with decision making and emotional attachment to taking on such a large home improvement project while balancing family, work and life, too.

Home Addition CostsFeeling stressed already? With the expert team at HOW Building Services, you can leave those worries up to us and let us lead you through the design and building process of your custom home addition. Creating the home of your dreams will be our central focus, just as it is yours, and with our help and care, you’ll be able to enjoy the process. We have home addition ideas to design a space that meets both your needs and wants, exceeding your expectations for the quality and value added by adding onto your home. We want you to love your current home even more than you already do!

Home Addition Costs vs. Added Value

While it is impossible to say exactly what the costs associated with your home addition will be because every addition is different, it is possible to get a rough estimate of the added value to your home will be by completing a home addition project. Thanks to the folks at Remodeling Magazine who have recently completed a Cost vs. Value report based on national, regional and state estimates for remodeling projects during the design phase, you can select the type of home addition you are considering and get an idea of the job cost, resale value, and the percentage of money you would recoup. Adding functionality to your home increases its value.

Where Will My Money Go? A Breakdown of Home Addition Costs

Financial costs that go into building a custom home addition that you’ll want to consider when planning for your project include many of the following:

  • Building Permits & Labor Costs for the Builders
  • Excavation and Foundation Costs
  • Building Materials for Framing Exterior and Interior Walls
  • Exterior Materials, such as siding, roofing and windows
  • Interior Materials, such as drywall, flooring, doors, lighting, hardware
  • Any Materials Needed for Plumbing, HVAC, or Electrical Work
  • Furnishings or Appliances for the Completed Space
  • Landscaping Around the Finished Space

Know the Costs Up Front With HOW’s Streamlined Design and Build Process

With the help of the skilled and customer-focused project managers at HOW Building Services, you can avoid many of the unforeseen home addition costs that could come from communication problems stemming from hiring a separate architect and general contractor. Together with an architect we can recommend or one you bring to the table, we will create a realistic budget for your custom addition that incorporates everything you envision for the space, with nothing left out.

The first step in assessing what your home addition costs will be is to contact HOW Building Services today so we can set up a meeting with you to talk about HOW we can help you create the home of your dreams. Give us a call at (484) 483-1690. We look forward to helping you achieve the dreams you have for your home!

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