Bring Your Loved Ones Home with a Senior-Friendly Home Addition

By Nick Matteo | November 4, 2016

Aging at home presents new challenges. Learn more about how to make your home senior-friendly.

Aging at home can present new challenges for seniors. In the past, many homes were not designed with seniors in mind, which can make even daily chores taxing and difficult. But everyone should have the choice to stay at home.

After all, a home is more than just a place to live–it’s a center of community and family life, a place infused with memories and adorned with years of loving care. It’s more than a building–it’s what keeps you connected to neighbors and friends. It’s no wonder that the prospect of downsizing or moving to a senior living community can seem daunting to seniors and their families.

With HOW Building Services’ help, your loved ones can enjoy living close to you and sharing everyday life with the rest of your family for years to come. We offer everything from remodeling to fully livable detached buildings to give your loved ones the independence and quality of life they deserve.

Multi-Generational Homes

Today, more and more people are choosing to live in multigenerational family homes. But most one-family homes aren’t designed to accommodate an additional independent occupant–and even if they were, chances are that the appliances, utilities, and walkways in your home aren’t senior-friendly. HOW Building Services has experience creating separate living spaces and even detached buildings to accommodate multi-generational families. Here are some of the ways that we can help you create your multi-generational home.

home addition seniorsDesign matters. One important element for seniors is that the living space reflect what’s called “universal design”–or design that takes the needs of everyone, including the elderly, into consideration. This might require remodeling an existing home to create a guest suite or shared space with handicapped-accessible appliances and utilities. Fortunately, HOW Building Services can transform your home into a senior-friendly space with a home addition or remodeling project, making it possible for you to share your home with your loved one while giving them independence as they age.

Give them independence. If your loved ones don’t like the idea of sharing a kitchen and living space with your family, why not create an independent apartment (often known as an “in-law apartment” or accessory-dwelling unit) in your home? With a home addition, you can give your family members their own entryway, kitchen, and appliances–and give yourself peace of mind knowing that they’re still under the same roof.

If your family members would prefer more privacy, you can also consider constructing a detached building or guest house for them.

Add value. The best part? Some realtors say that homes with accessory-dwelling units, including in-law apartments and detached buildings, can be priced as much as 60% higher than single-family homes.

The prospect of an addition or construction project can seem daunting. At HOW Building Services, we value you and your home first. We work one-on-one with you to understand all of your family’s needs. During construction, we take every possible measure to minimize our disruption to your home. There’s nothing more important to a family than a home, and we pride ourselves on designing and constructing new spaces that your family will enjoy for years to come.

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