3 Easy Vacation Hacks to Solve Your Family Vacation Blues

By Nick Matteo | May 10, 2016

Want a vacation without all the stress? Try these travel hacks!

Ever have that feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation? The long hours travelling to your destination, smokey hotel rooms and over-crowded pools are making staycations more and more popular. But all these problems don’t drown out the call of the unknown–the lure of white, sandy beaches, tempting ethnic dishes and cities far older than our country.

Home-Away-From-Home-VacationsOne of the reasons we travel is for the experience of it. There’s no substitute for what the French refer to as the opportunity to changer les idées. Change your ideas. Refresh your mind. Open your eyes.

If only you could eliminate the three main obstacles that families face when looking for a home away from home vacation.

  • Traveling with kids = temper tantrums, fatigue, and jet lag
  • Language barriers
  • Sub-par accommodations

Curing Common Holiday Getaway Hiccups

When you head off these problems, the rest is a breeze.

Traveling With Kids Made Simple

Kids will be kids, no matter the age. And let’s face it, travelling makes everybody grumpy. There are several ways to make travelling a better experience for everyone:

  1. Make sure they get a good, balanced meal right before leaving for your vacation getaway, especially if they’re picky eaters. If you can coax them to eat some veggies or even drink a healthy, delicious smoothie, it will keep their stomachs full (but not too full!).
  2. Make it a group experience. Letting them be in charge of something, giving them important travel tips, sharing your own experiences in airports or foreign countries, all of these are great ways to make sure your kids want to travel with you. And don’t forget to ask them questions! Even teenagers might welcome the chance to turn a silent trip into some quality family time.
  3. Throw the rulebook out the window. Of all the families I’ve spoken with who travel, this is the tip I hear the most often. Having tired kids toe the line is next to impossible. If you worry that it might set poor precedents, don’t! Kids naturally adapt and can separate Vacation Rules from House Rules. For long journeys, pack some junk food (although experts suggest that you endeavor to keep those options to the healthier end of the spectrum–think smoothies and granola bars instead of potato chips). Sick kids make for unhappy travelers. It’s always useful to have an ace up your sleeve, though: whether that be unlimited technology use or a pack of their favorite candy.

Language Tools That Break Down Barriers

The language barrier used to be a huge obstacle when travelling abroad, but welcome to the 21st century! You could do any of the following:

  1. Actually learn the language! You can always get a language software to learn the conversational basics, if you have the time. Learning a language is never a waste of time, but if that’s just not an option…
  2. You can find travel dictionaries with common phrases and popular expressions. The NY Times has a list you can find here.
  3. Travel + Leisure has a breakdown of the best available translation apps. From GoogleTranslate to Waygo, you’ll be able to navigate any situation with ease.

The only thing left to do is find accommodations that make your home away from home vacations true to the name. If you’re considering buying a second vacation home, or you’re just desperate to find a holiday getaway that is more relaxing than stressful, Part 2 has some great suggestions on finding luxury dream homes around the world.


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