Best Home Additions on the Main Line

By Nick Matteo | July 22, 2016

It’s more than a project; it’s your home!

One of How Building Service’s most in-demand projects is home additions. Why? Because people want the best home building addition on the Main Line, and that’s what HOW delivers. And while How Building Services is passionate about quality, communication, and value, the best home additions require even more than that.

Home Building Additions: The Tricks of The Trade

Building the best home additions on the Main Line requires working with the client to do the following:

Identify Goals.
Home-Building-AdditionsNot all additions are as easily identifiable and quantifiable as, say, an in-law suite. If you just feel like you
need more space butyou’re not sure exactly what that means to you, taking time to identify what you need and how to best achieve that is absolutely crucial. We walk clients through the process of determining whether or not their space problem is due to a poor layout (in which case a renovation could do the trick), a lack of bathrooms, or the arrival of a little one. Efficiency is important, and a clear vision is indispensable to a successful project.

Choose a Budget.
One of the most important building blocks of a great
home addition build is crafting a great budget. The first budget should be a ballpark to present to possible contractors; Better Homes & Gardens suggests terming them ‘budget,’ ‘mid-price,’ or ‘high-end.’ Once you’ve got an estimate for a job, you can continue with the design and details. At the end, you’ll have a precise budget. Now pad that 10%-20%, and you’re good to go.

Pick a Location.
Choose the location of your addition carefully;
building additions onto existing homes is a precise task. You might want to build up instead of out, or add bookend additions to compliment the symmetry of the house. Your options might also be limited by zoning rights, land availability, existing structures, etc..

Mind the Details.
They say the devil is in the details, and for good reason! Misplaced plumbing or wiring can wreak havoc on any
home addition building project. Just having enough well-placed outlets can be crucial, depending on the function of the room. Window placement can also look really good on a blueprint, but it’s only when you visualize the space that you’ll get a feel for how it will play out, what you will see, and if everything is where you’ll want it to be.

When going the extra mile is the norm, you can relax, knowing that your home building addition will be a success. HOW ensures that. Need an estimate? Contact HOW and get started!