Home Gym Designs That Will Maximize Your Workout Efforts

By Nick Matteo | June 22, 2016

Luxury design elements for your in-home fitness center.

With only one out of every three adults in the United States getting the recommended amount of physical activity needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle each week, the value of an in-home fitness center for the overall health and well-being of your family is immeasurable.

Home-Gym-DesignWhen most people think of a home gym, what comes to mind is probably a treadmill or elliptical and some sort of weight lifting system tucked somewhere out of the way in a sterile room. But with these design ideas for your home gym, you’ll not only spruce up the space where you will soon be sweating it out, losing weight, and toning your muscles, but add overall value to your home.

Home Gym Design Ideas For Your Space

These home fitness design ideas will take your home gym from boring to beautiful, and create a custom space where you can relieve stress and relax, knowing you are improving your personal health.

  1. Windows or Glass Doors – Bring the outside into your gym, especially if you have a fantastic view. Instead of feeling like you’re working out or doing yoga in a small, enclosed space, add large windows or sliding glass doors that open onto a patio. You can also bring the outdoors into your home gym with a fresh air intake system, which will boost oxygen in the air you breathe, with many added benefits for your overall health.
  2. Lighting – If you don’t have the option of incorporating windows or doors because of your gym’s location in your home – such as in a basement, for example – plan to add plenty of lighting to brighten the space and create the perfect ambiance. No one wants to feel like they have been banished to the dungeon to complete their workout routine every day!
  3. Sound System – Motivated during your workout by your favorite jams? Want to play soothing nature sounds as you center yourself during your daily stretching or yoga? Have a surround sound system installed as part of your home gym design.
  4. Flat Screen Television – If you have trouble finding the time to fit physical activity into your daily schedule, you can kill two birds with one stone by watching the news, your favorite prime time television show, or the big game while you exercise.
  5. Flooring – Easy to clean flooring that looks fantastic, such as hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, or bamboo, is a smart addition to your home fitness center. Not only will it look great, but it will last for years to come.
  6. Focal Wall – Add visual interest to your home gym with a focal wall. Depending on the look and feel you’re going for, you could add tile, brick or even wood shiplap as a way to create a unique space.
  7. Juice Bar and Refrigerator – Keep plenty of cold water or fitness beverages stocked up in a fridge right in your home gym and save time trekking to the kitchen for a drink. For an added bonus, design a juice bar with a small sink and you can make your favorite blended protein drinks or juices as a post-workout refresher.
  8. Indoor Pool or Hot Tub – With an indoor pool or lap pool incorporated into your home gym design, you can add aquatic exercise into your workout routine to keep it varied. A hot tub provides joint and muscle relaxation, as well as a place to de-stress after a long day at the office.
  9. Sauna or Steam Room – Increase your blood flow and gain added health benefits by adding a sauna or steam room into the design plans for your home fitness center. Eliminate toxins, cleanse your skin, relieve some of the discomforts associated with asthma, allergies and arthritis, and so much more!
  10. Bathroom with Shower – Leave your sweat at the gym by building a bathroom with a shower into your design. Adding another bathroom will also add value to your home, so it’s a wise investment in the long run.

Planning a Layout Design For Your Home Gym

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