3 Challenges All Home Remodel Builders Face And What They Mean For You

By Nick Matteo | March 9, 2016

Any good businessman could tell you that a task done inefficiently is a waste of time and resources on both ends of a transaction. In order for clients and home remodel builders to both get what they have earned and deserve, there needs to be honest, open communication. Take this blog, for example; it’s designed to help you establish good lines of communication with your builder, and keep them that way.

3 Challenges Home Remodel Builders Face, And How To Help Prevent Them

  1. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

home remodel buildersDelayed decisions make for delayed projects. It’s important to know what you want and have a very clear picture laid out, to ensure that no mix-ups ensue. Make vision boards, consult that interior decorator friend of yours, or just surf Pinterest until you know exactly what you want. If that doesn’t work, begin by eliminating everything you don’t like, until you’re left with the choice that fits. That also helps avoid Last-minute Project changes. A last-minute project change will leave your kitchen remodel contractors or bathroom remodel contractor flummoxed. Remember, home remodel builders work on tight schedules.

  1. Missing Contingency Funds/Price Shock

Everyone has experienced price shock before, so it merits little explanation, apart from noting that price shock is easily avoided when there are no major, sudden deviations from the project.

What’s more difficult to plan is the contingency fund. No one should attempt remodel construction without a contingency fund. While an experienced builder can keep that down to 5% (according to houzz.com), it’s absolutely imperative that you not use the contingency fund to boost your budget.

  1. Distractions

Iced tea is great, kids are great, large dogs that look like they could snap your femur in half in one bite are great. That doesn’t necessarily mean that home remodel builders are comfortable working any of those into their schedule. Remember, you’re buying a project, not just a product, and all efforts made towards promoting the success of that project are efforts well-spent.

Help your home remodel builder by doing your best to avoid encountering these challenges, and you’ll be doing more than just helping them succeed–you’ll be getting the home remodel of your dreams. No stress in this process.