The Fall Household Cleaning Checklist You’ve Been Looking For

By Nick Matteo | September 30, 2016

Eradicate the winter dust bunnies before they even have time to move in.

Household Cleaning ChecklistHave you ever seen the t-shirt that says: “There are three kinds of people: those who can count, and those who can’t”? Well, since we can count, here are two different kinds of people.

#1. The people who saw this blog title and clapped their hands, ‘Oh yes! A fall household cleaning checklist!’ (after which they promptly run for the cleaning closet–because they have a closet dedicated solely to cleaning products–to see which supplies they are getting low on)

#2. The people who saw this blog title and grimaced, ‘Oh no, a fall household cleaning checklist. Let’s click and find out the 17 Things I Should Have Done Already But Forgot.’ (we call that morbid curiosity)

No matter which classification you fall into, this list might surprise you. It’s not an overly-itemized list of do’s and don’ts (DO dust your refrigerator coils, DON’T forget to drain the pool), but a useful household cleaning checklist to help you simplify your life and prevent dust, dirt, and mud from becoming Public Enemy Number 1 throughout the long winter months.

The Ultimate User-Friendly Preventive Household Cleaning Checklist

  1. Combat dust with dryer sheets. Any surface that tends to attract dust should be thoroughly wiped with a dryer sheet, which decreases static cling and makes for less dust settling on that surface in the future. This applies to electronics, screens, fans, wooden surfaces, paintings and prints, etc etc..

    [Pro Tip: Microfiber does just as good a job, but this list is for everyone, not just people with an entire closet dedicated to cleaning supplies.]

  2. Eliminate Pet Odors with citrus laundry detergent. Laundry (or dish) detergent with a high concentration of citrus is perfect for cleaning floors and carpets in homes with pets, making it harder for the animal hairs to stick to the floor.
  3. Make a Whole House Cleaning Checklist. Room by room, write down every single step required to straighten up and clean that specific room. Then, put a star or a line or an extra-thick box to indicate the tasks that need to be done every day. Assign each member of your household a certain number of these daily tasks (that’s your basic house cleaning list), thereby spreading the load and making occasional deeper cleanings a much less complicated affair.

    Also, having every task listed (Living Room: clear off couches and chairs, clear off end tables and coffee table, put everything away, sweep/vacuum, dust, mop) makes commands much clearer. ‘Clean the living room’ is a less monumental task for a young adolescent or partner when it’s broken down into an achievable list of 6 tasks.

  4. Keep out all the dirt with a mudroom. You can either repurpose an existing space or have a new mudroom added on. Either way, there’s no better method for keeping dust and dirt and leaves and snow out of your home. This blog has great tips on how to design the perfect mudroom.

Don’t forget to check our blog periodically for more useful tips and tricks, and for more ways to keep transforming your home into the home you deserve: the home of your dreams.


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