Luxury Dream Homes: Building a Lifetime of Memories

By Nick Matteo | February 24, 2016

How can you design your home to best serve you for a lifetime?

At HOW Building Services, we believe that luxury dream homes aren’t just about achieving a look, but also about the memories they will hold.

Imagine for a moment that your home is a scrapbook: someday, when you are reminiscing over the journey that your life has been, you won’t need to pull out volumes of photos; you will only need to look around at the space that you have created.

Luxury Dream HomesThe nursery in which you carefully chose the perfect color to celebrate your new arrival; the beautiful and sleek kitchen where you and your spouse sipped wine while preparing a romantic dinner; the spacious living area where your family friends gathered to celebrate your children’s high school graduations.

In what felt like a blink of an eye, you were already rearranging that nursery to be a playroom for your beautiful new grandchildren. And now, sitting on that back porch that you carefully designed so many years ago, just starting off in life, you get to appreciate a life well spent and memories forever cherished.

Luxury dream homes aren’t about just one stage of life; the perfect home will witness every stage of your life, from just starting out to retiring in leisure. How do you plan your home for all of these future memories to be created?

How to Design Luxury Dream Homes That Will Serve You for Life

Consider multiple uses for one space.

When designing a luxury dream home, consider how one space can serve multiple purposes over many years. That nursery may someday be a teenager’s bedroom or a home office. Think about what kind of furniture you may need for different uses of the space, and how that may affect window placement. Though carpet may be best for keeping a nursery quiet, hardwood will be easier to clean when that baby becomes a messy teenager and area rugs can do wonders. Weigh all of your options when deciding how to design for the here and now.

You may also decide to make multi-use rooms right away, like combining a guest room with an office space to make the best use of your square footage. Though you may not be planning to have a small home, designing with space in mind will help when building multi-purpose rooms. Check this out for more ideas on effective multi-purposing.

Think ahead to what you may need in the future.

It is nearly impossible to anticipate every purpose your home may need to serve someday. Don’t stress too much over every detail; you can certainly redesign and add on to your luxury home in the future. But do try to consider the big life decisions: do we want to have kids? How many? Does anyone aspire to work from home? These big-picture life decisions will help create the home of your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to splurge on your luxury dream house.

When building a luxury house that will serve you for the rest of your life, don’t be afraid to splurge a little. Your dream house isn’t something to save for the future; you can work towards having it now! Get the kitchen cabinets that make you happy; choose the bathtub that feels the most luxurious; build the porch that you can see yourself sitting on every morning for years to come. The investment will pay off.

How We Can Help!

At HOW Building Services, we will work alongside you, in collaboration with the finest architects, to build luxury dream homes that you will love. Now is the time to prepare for the rest of your life, and we will make sure that you love every inch of your new home. We can’t wait to talk to you about your dream home!

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