3 Reasons Not to Delay on A Mud Room Addition

By Nick Matteo | January 9, 2016

Live the clean life, even in winter!

It’s winter, and the only thing worse for your floors than a snowy cold winter is a cold rainy winter. Snow and ice melt, leaving nasty puddles that can seriously damage wood floors or carpets. While that can be a potential nightmare, add into the equation mud from the ever-mucky ground, and you’ve got a real hassle. A mud room addition might be sounding like a really good idea right about now. Consider the following scenarios:

On any given day, you have to find a place to store shoes and jackets and a place to set groceries when you come inside without leaving them in a high-traffic area. When you pile on top of that boots and gloves and scarves and hats and piles of winter socks, things can start to get out of hand.

mud room additionWe haven’t even taken into account the inevitable fact that multiple people are shedding these articles and leaving them in inopportune places, and that the time it takes to coax these same people into merely putting their affairs away is about the same–if not more–than the time it takes to put them away yourself.

This, however, brings up another problem. You cannot physically do everything. (You probably do do everything, but that doesn’t make it fair!) With all of these problems piling up, there is one rather simple solution.

Get a Mud Room Addition!

A mud room addition can solve the above problems by simplifying life in the following ways:

  1. Transition Out of the Cold

A mud room addition is first and foremost designed to keep mud and snow out of your house. While it may be unreasonable to make everyone remove their footwear/outerwear outside or bless them with the challenge of removing all that on a small welcome mat, a mud room addition is both warm and sheltered from the elements and spacious enough to allow for all the inevitable tugging-off-of-boots and shaking-off-of-coats.

  1. Give you Accessible Storage

Rather than trying to stuff damp, fluffy winter coats, snowsuits, and snow pants into a small hall closet, hgtv.com points out that mud room additions give you the perfect place to store all of the above. The best part? It’s accessible by everyone, giving everyone in the household the perfect opportunity to take care of their own outerwear without the unnecessary temptations of wooden furniture to ruin and occupy.

  1. Close off the house

All home addition designers know how important it can be to isolate a particular disturbing element from the rest of the home. If you’re wondering how to design an addition to your home that can keep the rest of the home clean and presentable for company–and for yourself!–, a mud room addition is the way to go. It creates a barrier between the dirty and the clean, the messy and the already straightened up.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the dirt and the constant picking-up-after. Contact HOW Building Services and speak with a home addition designer today.