3 Warning Signs You Might Have One of the Worst New Home Builders in Pennsylvania

By Nick Matteo | March 27, 2016

Like any purchase, you should do your research beforehand.

Market polls show that 81% of shoppers do research before actually making a purchase. 61% percent of shoppers consulted product reviews, the average consumer visiting at least 3 shops before finding what they were looking for. And yet, the Chicago Tribune recently wrote an article about the lack of thought people put into finding a new home builder. Karen Rivedal writes, quoting Tom Zimmer, a custom builder from Wisconsin: “while consumers certainly can’t be faulted for trying to get a good price on such a major purchase, it’s a mistake, Zimmer said, to rely on price alone in deciding.” Zimmer says that most customers come to him with one simple question: how much do you charge per square foot?

Home-Builders-in-PennsylvaniaWhile cost is important, no good builder should give you a quote like that right off the cuff. It wouldn’t be fair to you, the homeowner, or the builder to throw out a number. Unfortunately, not all home builders in Pennsylvania are good or honest. During the down-market in the late 2000’s, most sub-par builders went underground. With the rising market, however, they’re starting to show up again. So what warning signs should you watch for?

3 Warning Signs of the Worst New Home Builders in Pennsylvania

  1. Lack of Communication. This is a two-way street, of course; new home builders cannot be expected to deliver the home of your dreams with only limited communication from you. On the other hand, if you’re communicating something and the builder isn’t hearing and doing, it sounds like you have a problem. A lack of communication is, fortunately, something that crops up early on in a conversation with Pennsylvania home builders. From the first conversation, note who is asking all the questions. While it’s understandable and necessary that you ask questions of the builder, you should also be fielding a good number of questions from him. If he isn’t interested in the details of the dream home you’re trying to build, he’ll never be able to make it come true.
  2. No references. If you’re looking to hire the best of the new home builders Pennsylvania has to offer, you should do what you would do when hiring any person for any position–get some references! Builders all start out somewhere, but you absolutely do not want a total newbie on your luxury home build. Expect to see other new homes in Pennsylvania that they have built, and don’t be afraid to ask for references! New home builders work with a bevy of subcontractors and vendors who can give character references as well.
  3. Personality clash. This may sound almost silly or juvenile, but it’s not. If you don’t get along with this particular new home builder, then don’t hold on out of a lack of willingness to find a new one. Building your dream home is an exciting time that can be very fun and fulfilling. If you’re working with someone who doesn’t get your vision or prioritize your wishes, the build is headed towards disaster.

Any of these warning signs is enough to identify that a builder isn’t right for you. Just don’t be afraid to look and ask around. Your dream home is, after all, a huge purchase, and deserves to be treated as seriously (if not much, much more!) than a new dog, hair-dryer, TV, or car!

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