Want The Perfect Kitchen? Don’t Forget These 7 Elements!

By Nick Matteo | June 20, 2016

Christmas decorations have started going up in October, in some stores. Christmas-In-July sales give us opportunities to do our shopping ahead of time, for the extra-organized ones. There’s even an all-year Christmas radio, for when the heat starts to get to you and you crave some carols crooned by the greats.

Generally, there are two kinds of people: people who can’t wait for the holidays to get here, and people who mourn the
perfect-kitchen-designs passing summer, looking gloomily at the ever-shortening number of vacation days, and the rapidly-approaching school year.

If you’re in the first group, don’t wait another second! Now is the time to start designing the perfect kitchen for your holiday entertainment season.

If you’re the second kind of person–now is the best time to make your life so much easier with the perfectly-designed kitchen! Why? Because if you get your kitchen designed now, you can get it installed/renovated during the summer. You’ll have the freedom to cook outdoors, and if you plan it during your vacation–you don’t even have to worry about it! Any mess or clean-up will be done when you get back, and you can just be free to enjoy your kitchen, and have one more reason to look forward to the holidays.

But what does the perfect kitchen design look like? Well, each person’s style is different, so we won’t give you a list of perfect kitchen colors, and this isn’t a blog intended for designing small kitchens. Rather, here are some basics that Style At Home recommends implementing to make your kitchen cleaner, more practical, and more beautiful.

7 Items To Include In Your Perfect Kitchen Design

  1. Range Hood — A quality range hood is a must if you entertain, and even for everyday use! Second-rate hoods are noisy and ineffective, so a little investment in a great range hood goes a long way towards having a quiet, smoke-free kitchen.
  2. Functional Islands — provide useful storage space to keep your kitchen uncluttered, extra counter/work space, as well as a gathering and seating area.
  3. A Stand-out backsplash — will be visually unique, and will make cleaning-up a snap!
  4. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards — are an extremely efficient use of valuable kitchen space. They are the perfect way to keep all your supplies neat and on-hand.
  5. Built-in appliances — like wall ovens, are great for hosting because you can have multiple dishes going at the same time. You could also consider a warming tray–another built-in feature that never goes unused.
  6. Pot-filler — enable you to fill pots and spray-clean dishes from different angles with ease.
  7. Marble countertops  instantly class up any kitchen, and also have the advantage of being heat-resistant, eliminating the need to constantly have hot-pads on hand any time you want to remove something from the stove or stove-top.

Now is the time to begin working on the perfect kitchen design. Warmer weather gives you the opportunity to do most of your cooking and entertaining outdoors, so any renovations won’t get in the way.

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