Get Ready For Summer With A Pool House Construction Project

By Nick Matteo | March 9, 2016

Now is the perfect time to start a pool house project to be finished by summer!

Believe it or not, summer is coming soon. The weather goes back and forth, but there is no better time to begin your pool house construction project than now, so you can enjoy it when summer is here! There are many benefits of adding a pool house to your property. Not only will you add value and luxury to your home, but a pool house can function as increased storage space in the winter months when it’s not in use, as well as additional entertaining space and even guest housing if you choose to incorporate that function into your design.

Phases For Your Pool House Construction Project

Pool House ConstructionStep 1: Dreaming

Meet with a representative from HOW Building Services and an architect either hired by you or one we have recommended to talk about the dreams you have for your upcoming pool construction project. What design ideas do you have in mind for your pool house? What function do you want it to have? Where will it be situated on your property?

Get any questions you have answered in order to have a more specific timeline for the project and an estimated pool house construction cost.

Step 2: Planning the Design

With the help of the architect for your project, review sample pool house construction plans that align with the goals you have and meet the criteria for your design aesthetic. Your architect will need to check local ordinances that the project is feasible on your property. They will then use those plans as a reference to draw up specific plans for your pool house construction project.

Step 3: Plan Check and Permitting

Once your building plans and blueprints are drawn up by your architect and you have approved them, they must be approved by the Building Department of your municipality so permits can be granted and the building process can get underway.

Step 4: Building Site Prep

The first step in the actual building of your pool house is to clear the area of land on your property where the pool house will be located and get the ground ready for building. Excavating the area where the foundation will be poured is included in this phase of the process.

Step 5: Pool House Construction Begins

There are multiple stages of construction in this phase. After pouring the foundation, the rough carpentry and framing of the building and roof will begin and you will be able to see your pool house begin to take shape. Windows and doors will be installed, HVAC and plumbing will be run, and electric will be installed and run, along with any other features such as security systems and audio/visual/television cables. Next comes finishing the exterior of your pool house, including the roof, siding of whatever material you chose, and trim. All that’s left is the interior finishes – installing insulation and drywall, interior trim, flooring, painting, fixtures and appliances, and hardware. Any landscaping included in your project can then be completed also. After a walk-through and any inspections that need to occur, the construction of your pool house will be complete!

Step 6: Site Cleanup

A thorough cleaning of the pool house to rid it of construction dust and debris will be completed, and the cleanup of any remaining building materials outside will also occur. We will leave your space ready for you to furnish and decorate. At HOW Building Services, we take pride in treating your space as if it were our own.

Step 7: Enjoy your Pool House!

Your pool house construction project has entered the final and best phase – you and your family and guests enjoying the space for years to come, making lasting memories together!

Contact the pool house builders at HOW Building Services today for more information on your upcoming project and to set up a consultation. Call us at (484) 483-1690. We look forward to working with you to build you the pool house of your dreams!

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