Dreaming of a Man Cave? Custom renovation builders like HOW can give you more of what you want

By Nick Matteo | June 4, 2016

Custom man caves just in time for Father’s Day, because he already has enough ties.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. It’s the kind of book that you read and laugh and think, “where has this been all my life?!” At one point, the author talks about the Man Cave: the place where men go to solve problems. He’s not referring to some misogynistic ideal where the man gets a room all to himself where he can smoke cigars, play poker, and drink whiskey with his buddies while his wife serves him hand and foot. This Man Cave is a place where men go to solve problems. They’re not brooding, pouting, or giving their wives the silent treatment, they’re simply finding solutions. According to John Gray, Ph.D., this time of reflection is necessary and good.

renovation buildersThe problem is that men and women are different; women tend to solve problems by talking them through.

So, men, how can you communicate to your wife/family that you need some of this time to spend deep in thought, without making them feel rejected or abandoned?

Women, how can you practically communicate to your husbands that you understand and respect their need to reflect and plan?

Words are great, but they can be too-easily misinterpreted. This renovation builder’s solution is a practical one, and I hope you won’t jump to the conclusion that I’m advocating a 50’s-style misogynistic world when I suggest (drum roll please) an actual man cave.

It’s so important to have a space that’s equipped to let you problem solve in the unique way that men solve problems. A space set apart from the noise and hubbub of everyday life. And if the purpose for this place is well communicated from the start, you can reduce occurrences of hurt feelings and frustration.

Man Cave Tips From The Renovation Contractor

Keep an open mind

Renovation builders can tell you that each project is unique, and that a customer’s level of satisfaction is often determined by the amount of time he/she are willing to invest in the planning.

The Devil is in the details

It’s easy to get focused on the things that make the man cave so unique and great–comfy furniture, giant TVs, mini-bars, tool sets, antique cars–and to forget the parts of the room that make it a functioning room. One thing that’s easy to miss out on or mess up is the lighting. Having good, adjustable lighting is a must in any space. And while we might have an image of a literal ‘cave’ in our head, skylights or large windows can contribute more enjoyable ambience to the space that any combination of unique features.

Creating a special space for him is one way to show him you love him, and to encourage the growth of your healthy relationship. How Building Services is the renovation contractor who is all about making the building renovation process a mutually beneficial one for all parties involved, and delivering a great product.

For more info on creating a wonderful man cave in an existing space, choose the renovation builder who knows how to best serve your needs. Contact HOW today.


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