Simple Backyard Entertaining: 5 Keys To The Perfect Fall Party

By Nick Matteo | October 10, 2016

Throw the party of the year this fall!


There’s no question about it: sweater weather means that it’s time for a harvest party! Time to break out the cider (and cider donuts, because hibernation is real). Check out these awesome tips to make simple backyard entertaining perfect for the fall.

Ways to Make Simple Backyard Entertaining Unforgettable

  1. Pumpkins Everywhere. Need a chip bowl? Hollow out a pumpkin and put a simple checked cloth in it! Need a cooler for drinks? Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with ice! Need mood lighting? Hollow out a bunch of pumpkins, cut slits in them, and place strategically. The point is, pumpkins are your friend for any fall party, and can be the answer to pretty much any decorating conundrum.
  1. Dress up your table. Fall is the perfect time of year for table-top decorations. Not only are there fewer insects to plague you, but the decorations won’t wilt by the time the evening is out. Gourds, indian corn, decorative leaves, vines or wreaths, etc: they’re lovely, and durable.
  1. Fire it up. Nothing says fall like a toasty fire on a crisp autumn night. Everyone really does love a fire, so plan to incorporate a firepit for simple backyard entertaining that is also useful. You have a lot of options, as well. Either you can choose to purchase a firepit/fireplace, or you can throw one together yourself. Just make sure that whatever option you choose is safe for the kind of simple backyard entertaining you will be doing.
  1. Light it up. No matter what that looks like for you–whether it be hanging lanterns on a string, votive candles in jelly jars scattered across the tables, or even providing jars and nets for guests to capture fireflies for the evening–the more light the merrier. While a little dark can be mysterious, you also want to make sure that there’s enough lighting well-distributed so that no one area is left completely blind. Guests’ eyes won’t adjust quickly to a sudden lack of light, and that’s when accidents happen. Also, lights are pretty.
  1. Make it cozy. If you want your simple backyard entertainment setup to be simply unforgettable, set out a stack of basic fleece blankets. Keep the fire stoked. Set out a buffet of hot beverages: cider, hot chocolate, coffee, and a tea stand. And above all, have some scarves, ear muffs, mittens, and hoodies readily available for the inevitable guest who forgot that the party was supposed to be outdoors. It’s an easy step to take, but it makes all the difference between miserable guests and happy guests.

What are you waiting for? Hesitating to install a new firepit and you don’t know what to choose? Have plans for your backyard that have never been brought to fruition? Don’t panic. Contact How Building Services for a free consultation. Whatever your dream for backyard entertainment designs, we can bring it to life!