The Top 6 Timeless Decorating Ideas For 2016

By Nick Matteo | September 26, 2016

Because timeless decorating isn’t black and white.

timeless decorating ideasLet’s do a word association test. If I say ‘shag carpets and lava lamps’, what words pop into your head? ‘Flower power’? ‘Tie dye’? ‘The 70’s’? Those trendy items were just that–trendy items that are now looked down upon as border-line revolting (especially the shag carpet in yucky blah green).

So how do you know which trends will endure, and which will become stigmatized, necessitating a total overhaul of your current deco? The short answer is that you don’t. But if you count on timeless decorating ideas, you don’t need to worry. The following timeless decorating tips are just a sampling of some of the many tips compiled by RealSimple, SheKnows, and John Saladino himself.

Timeless Decorating Ideas: On Furnishings

The older the better.

Decorating with antiquities has been an established practice for millennia. Even the Romans made it a fashion to copy famous Greek statues in their homes. If you can get an original, that’s ideal (think tattered Persian rugs, chipped Ming dynasty vases). And don’t be afraid to mix antiques with modern pieces. After all, that’s how John Saladino (interior designer extraordinaire) made his fortune!

Be minimalist.

While much can go wrong with a cluttered decorating scheme, it’s hard to mess up a minimalist plan. Just pay attention to the proportions, color, and lighting, and you’re good to go.

Make it liveable.

Furniture is like shoes. If they aren’t comfortable, no one is going to use them (more than once or twice). That applies to sofas and chairs alike. When it comes to coffee tables and shelves, make them useful as well as beautiful, and you’ll have a home that is liveable, no matter its size or function.

Timeless Decorating Ideas: On Color

Pick a color that doesn’t have an identity crisis.

This wonderful, timeless decorating tip comes from Dorothy Draper, a celebrated decorator from the turn of the 20th century. She said: “Muddy-colored walls are nothing but a blight. So are undecided colors that compromise…(such as) blues that are neither sea, sky, nor good old cornflower. There should never be any doubt what your color has to say.… It may be chalk blue, watermelon pink, lemon yellow, grass green, chocolate brown, café au lait, warm gray―anything on earth you like, just as long as it knows its own mind.”

Get color inspiration from the masters.

David Hicks, who decorated for both Vidal Sassoon and Prince Charles, suggested observing how people master color: in films, in ballets, at the opera, by a particular fashion house. Well-implemented color schemes are both satisfying and inspiring.

Combat commitment-phobia with accent colors.

If you fear color almost as much as you love it, express yourself with accent colors. Throw pillows, artwork, and vases can easily be changed out, without compromising the overall feel of the room.

When you decorate timelessly, you invest in the future. For more information on how you can invest in your home, check out our blog! To get started today, contact How Building Services.


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