(Video) Dream Home Designs: It’s All In The Plan

By Nick Matteo | June 20, 2016

Dream Home Designs: It’s All In The Plan

So many of the homes being built in 21st century America are completely devoid of personality. An increasing number of homebuilders are sacrificing quality, craftsmanship, and style for a cookie-cutter model that can be cranked out effortlessly. It’s the easy way out–and it sells. But this model of home construction is utterly lacking in integrity.

You can’t crank out integrity.



You also can’t crank out dream home designs. Quality and craftsmanship distinguish the specialty home building offered by How Building Services from the cookie-cutter assembly line home builders, but it’s the flexible and customizable floor plans that make How homes personalized dream homes.

Planning The Plan For Dream Home Designs

The first stage of creating dream home designs is, naturally, the planning stage. Since the most important custom feature of your home is the floor plan, you might call this the plan planning stage.

The first question to ask during the planning stage is what type of construction will actually make your dream home a reality. The answer to this question will largely be dependent on the following factors: Number of potential residents (and type; i.e. adults, children, disabled residents, etc.), desired room types and layouts, desired special features, furnishings, windows, and satisfaction with your current home and location.

If you’re unsatisfied with your location or the overall effect of your current home, the best option is most likely going to be a new construction project, which allows you to start from scratch and form dream home designs that truly reflect the vision you want to create.

If the number of potential residents is a central issue–namely, if the number or type of residents is changing–then planning an addition will likely be the best option for you. How Building Services specializes in custom additions, including family room additions, sunrooms, master suites, conservatories, guest suites, and kitchens. In other circumstances–such as an elderly parent moving in, or the start of a new home business–planning a new detached building may be desirable. Whichever route you choose–addition or new detached building–this construction will not only expand your square footage, but also significantly raise your property value.

If, when pouring over plans, the most important changes you want to see concern special features, furnishings, windows, or desired room types and layouts, your dream home designs just might be compatible with your present home. Working with How Building Services to plan a remodeling of your current home means that you will finally get to enjoy the custom features or specialized plan you’ve been wanting without any of the stress or anxiety of moving.

Whether you’re looking for new construction, a custom addition, or remodeling of your present home, How Building Services can work with you to make your dream home designs a reality. Afterall, it’s all in the plan!