(Video) Pool Area Landscaping Tips from the Pros

By Nick Matteo | July 21, 2016

Whether it’s a patio or a pool house, quality, attractive pool area landscaping can improve property value and add multi-functional space

Summer is coming.

No, this isn’t the beginning of some type of Game Of Thrones spinoff–it’s actually true. As hard as that may be to believe after a long, drawn-out winter, spring cleaning can now gradually give way to summer projects.

And that means you can dust off those pool area landscaping plans you’ve been dreaming up during the winter months. It’s time to make them a reality.


Get Started Early

Once again, summer is drawing near–and having your pool area be occupied by early-stage construction probably isn’t an ideal situation for you. At the same time, you don’t want to have your pool area landscaping become a rush job; you’ll want to take your time to really work out the finer details. For that reason, we recommend beginning the active planning stage as soon as possible.

Consider Your Options

When it comes to poolside landscaping, there’s numerous options to consider. Are you building a new pool? Are you working around a pre-existing pool? Either way, there are numerous project options that you might want to consider for your pool area. Landscaping and hardscaping can dress up the pool area nicely, adding attractive flair and creating a more comfortable atmosphere for poolside relaxation. A patio, similarly, can give the pool area a sharper distinction from the rest of the yard. A detached pool house is yet another popular option, one that can give your pool area flexibility, comfort, and multi-purpose function.

Think Long-Term Value, Think Multi-Functional

One of the great benefits of a detached pool house is that it can supplement your property with not only poolside amenities but multi-functional qualities. A well-constructed pool house adds instant value to your home property and adds numerous functions that you might not immediately think of. These include guest housing, storage space, and entertainment system space, and many more–in addition to the common poolside uses (changing rooms, showers, spa).

Pool area landscaping can transform a drab pool area into an attractive, convenient gathering place for summertime activities, from parties to laid-back relaxation. Contact How Building Services today, and we’ll begin making your wintertime dreams a summertime reality.