Putting Together Your Home Improvement Toolbox

By Nick Matteo | May 27, 2016

The databases available today offer a nearly limitless toolbox of resources to make project planning easier, more efficient, and more successful.

Home improvement is a particular project type that has benefitted greatly from modern resources. From planning upkeep and maintenance to laying out your next remodel or addition, there are a number of essential tools at your disposal that can make every step of your home improvement project smooth and successful.

In fact, there’s so many tools and resources available that it can be hard to determine which are the most useful. That’s why we’ve put together this home improvement toolbox that brings together some of the best, most practical tools of the home improvement trade.

Home Improvement Toolbox: Our Favorite Resources for Home Improvement

Where’s the best place to start the planning and brainstorming for your next home improvement project? Here are some of the basics that will help you to begin structuring your project:



You’re probably already familiar with Pinterest. This social media site, which allows users to collect and share pictures, websites, and ideas, has become a household name in recent years. Create a “board” for your home improvement project and start pinning! Look around on Pinterest to find popular and creative ideas for home improvement and gain some inspiration for your own dream home.

You can also search the web for other home improvement and design sites and add anything that strikes your interest to your board. It is a great way to keep all of your ideas in one place and get a feel for what your dream home would look like. And it’s a perfect addition to your home improvement toolbox.

Room Sketcher

From basic floor plans to interior design, Room Sketcher is a fantastic tool. This interactive website allows you design floor plans and populate rooms with various features: windows, walls, furniture, etc. It’s not only great for designing new homes or additions–it’s also handy for envisioning your interior decoration for your existing home.

ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile

The best home improvement resources present essential tools and services in convenient, interactive platforms. The ColorSmart app from BEHR® Mobile does just that. ColorSmart is a convenient, easy-to-use color pallette tool that allows users to choose and compare paint colors, explore new designer-coordinated color combinations, and apply different color choices to room scenes and exteriors to effectively preview your paint selections. This handy app belongs in any homeowner’s home improvement toolbox.


Ready to begin assessing the costs of a remodeling project? RemodelingCalculator.org helps to estimate the costs of every facet of your project, from flooring to roofing and everything in between. Users can enter the specific type of remodeling they are planning and the calculator tool presents them with an approximate quote that takes quality, location, and other important factors into account. Remember that a lot of considerations go into a project budget so, to get an accurate calculation, contact a builder for a quote.

The Perfect Builder

When your plans for your new home, addition, or remodeling project have taken shape, you’ll want to hire a builder that offers expert service and strives for, not only customer satisfaction but also ongoing customer relationships. How Building Services, a well-respected Main Line building firm, will work with you through every step of your projects to ensure that your dreams for your home are realized. They’re the perfect final piece to complete your home improvement toolbox.