When you’re looking to start a  build room addition, you have a creative opportunity to turn your home into something new, giving it the added space you need. Whether you’re expanding your family, or you just need an extra space for entertaining or pursuing your hobby – when you make the decision to build room addition you are building a dream.

There are so many options out there when expanding your home. Do you go up or out? How about creating your addition in the front or in the back? Let’s take a look at 5 unique options when a room addition is the solution to your lack of space.


3 Smart Ideas to Consider When Building a Room Addition

  1. Build Room AdditionCreate Backyard Bliss.
    Do you have space to expand into your backyard? Perhaps your room addition consists of a kitchen or a family room expansion. An advantage to expanding into the backyard is that you can create an elegance that flows between the room addition and the backyard.
  2. Make a Statement.
    If you’re looking to express your creativity with your room addition, the best thing to do is let everyone view it from the street! Instead of a backyard addition, focus on the front yard by creating a new space where you can implement new materials, colors and a unique design.
  3. Turn It Into a Double Decker.
    No, we’re not talking about food – we’re talking about turning a one-story into a two-story. That’s right! If you have a small area to work with, work up instead of working out. You can create the character you’ve always wanted, turning your existing bungalow into a piece of art.

How are you going transform your home? We would love to find out! Take a look at our article on home building additions, and comment below to tell us what you plan to do! If you have any questions about building a room addition, you can give us a call at 484-841-8391.


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