It’s time to move. Maybe you’ve been saving up for a while, living in cramped quarters or less-than-ideal neighborhoods so that when you do purchase a home, it can be the home of your dreams. Maybe your family is expanding, and the number one priority is space (you wouldn’t guess it from how tiny they are, but an infant sure needs a lot of ‘accoutrements’ to survive). So that’s settled. Unfortunately, deciding that it’s time to move is only the first step in the journey to your dream home.

Should you buy a new home through a Chester County homeowner’s association, or do a custom build with a Chester County builder? There are pros and cons of both choices: here we outline a few.

Chester County Builders vs. Homeowner’s Associations

Chester-County-BuildersWhile you might think of a homeowner’s association as a group of 30s, 40s-something soccer moms who tell you exactly how tall your grass is allowed to grow, that’s not necessarily the case. A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is a corporation that is formed by the developer, the legal and financial responsibility of which is then transferred over to the homeowners. The state regulates HOAs to varying degrees. Pennsylvania has few laws that specifically regulate HOAs, apart from a law that dictates that no HOA can prohibit a resident from flying the state and American flags. From this, we can see that Homeowner’s Associations have the power to create regulations as they see fit, which can contribute to an orderly community, thereby raising the individual property values.

The disadvantage of a relatively lax legal approach is that HOAs can then institute regulations on the homeowners that can become a burden. Also, the board of the HOA can be heavy-handed and arbitrary, issuing fines and penalties at will.

The amenities–community pools, parks, clubs and maintenance services–are not an option if you choose a Chester County builder instead. However, new home builders in Chester County, PA offer you freedom of choice. If you want to be free and autonomous in your new life in your new home in Chester County, luxury home builders are here to help. How Building Services works in Chester County, building custom luxury homes in close partnership with excellent architects.

If you’re looking for your dream home, don’t go looking into homeowner’s associations and cookie-cutter houses. Call How Building Services to find out more about how the home of your dreams can become a reality.


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