At How Building Services, we create long lasting relationships with the best architects.

So this meeting isn’t just about one project, it’s about a partnership.

We know how much time and artistry you put into creating the right design for the homeowner’s dream home, and we’re willing to bet you put as much consideration into choosing an outstanding custom home builder to partner with. We want to know how you define success in an architect-builder relationship.

What do you look for in a custom home builder?

  • Experience: Our knowledgeable project managers are in touch with the nitty gritty details.
  • Satisfaction: Our number one goal is the satisfaction of the homeowner. That’s why we pride ourselves on professionalism.
  • Partnership: We know that communication is key in a design-build relationship. You want to partner with an experienced building service that values their role as a professional liaison between homeowners and architects.

What do we look for in an architect?

We look for architects who share our values and emphasize customer satisfaction.

If that’s you, simply fill out the form on the right to share your thoughts with us at our Brown Bag Session!

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