In our DIY era, it’s no surprise that there is actually a website called “” It has a design center, and information on how to DIY work on cars, trucks and boats. From the traditional DIY decorating and painting to the less-traditional plumbing and HVAC, it’s got it all! They even have an article that breaks down the process of how to execute a room addition build.

8 Steps to Building Room Additions

  1. Build Room AdditionGet some blueprints. Since this is a Do It Yourself thing, it’s crucial that these be hand-made and very detailed, including all architectural aspects, and laying out specifically every inch of the space.
  2. Get some permits. A zoning commissioner can help you determine if your room addition plans are up to snuff, and then issue the proper permits.
  3. Break some ground. According to, “you should use a good support system for your foundation.” We would counsel a great support system. No solid foundation? No room addition build.
  4. Put up some walls. Without walls, your room addition would greatly suffer from the lack of an important “room-ish” aspect.
  5. Slap a roof on it. No big deal. Shingles + nails = no more rain in the walled-in room! Just be wary of holes in the roofing. Holes are bad.
  6. Wire it! Even does not advice that you attempt to do the wiring after you build your own room addition. For that matter, also avoid trying to install the HVAC yourself. Specialists will take care of this step.
  7. Insulate and drywall it. Since you’ve got walls and a roof, make sure it’s warm and semi-presentable with good insulation and hole-less drywall. Note: it’s easy to punch holes in drywall accidentally–proceed with caution.
  8. The final point is the “finishing touches” of this diy room addition that include everything from trim, to flooring, to doors, to painting.

Satirically-speaking, that should be easy.

Practically-speaking, each of these steps is highly over-simplified. Builders bring in specialists: architects, roofers, electricians, painters, etc. A specialist might take one hour what it would take us mere mortals a good seven to achieve!

So while the DIY list might seem pretty short (only 8 steps!), remember that to build room addition, you need an expert. Because in the end, your time is money. Don’t waste it on tricky DIY projects: because if you fail, a room addition build fails with you.

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