Your dream home plans can become a reality with the help of the expert team at How Building Services. Whether your dream home plan includes building a luxury, customized home or changing your current home into your dream home by undergoing a home renovation project, How Building Services is here to help.

Dream Home PlansAt HOW, we see bringing your dream home plans to life as a collaborative process between you, the designer or architect, and our building team. As far as architects, you can bring your own to the table or you can choose one of our partner architects. Our goal is to work together with you and walk you through the planning, design and construction phases of your project

Custom Home Build

We specialize in new construction, and can build you the home of your dreams if you just can’t seem to find what you are looking for on the market or are looking for a home that is customized to your family’s lifestyle and needs and your design preferences. The luxury custom-built home of your dreams awaits you, an investment in your future – one that you will be able to enjoy for years to come!

Home Renovation Projects

If you decide that a custom home build does not fit your plan for a dream home, completing a home renovation project can not only turn your home into the home of your dreams, but can add value to your home. We specialize in home renovation projects such as:

  • Additions including family rooms, sunrooms, master suites, conservatories, guest houses, basements, and more
  • Detached Buildings including garages, pool houses, barns, carriage houses, golf houses, guest houses
  • Kitchens
  • Baths

We look forward to working with you and talking to you about the endless possibilities for making your dream home plans a reality for you and your family. Contact How Building Services today to schedule a collaborative consultation by calling (484) 483-1690.

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